Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Earl Bradley - More Frightening Details Emerge

Caution, Disturbing Information

I literally was ill when I first heard of this horrific story last December, but never realized the scope of the evil that this monster embodies.

Unfortunately, I think we all know there are likely more victims out there and I believe we can expect to be further sickened and disturbed as additional information is released.

The 160-page indictment sheds some light on the depravity and horror this animal inflicted on defenseless victims - some of who were as young as 3-months 0ld.

The 13 hours of videos removed from Bradley's office
and home capture incidents of abuse from 1998 to 3-days prior to Bradley being arrested. The indictment reveals it appears in the videos that five girls "appeared to lose consciousness" or stopped breathing during sex assaults.
"Our worst fears have been realized," said one stunned woman, whose two girls were Bradley's patients several years ago.
Told that the indictment said some victims appeared to become unconscious or stop breathing during the attacks, the woman was at first speechless.
"Oh my God," she finally said. "He's just pure evil. No one with a conscience could do this."

The indictment accuses Bradley of fondling children and forcing them to engage in oral sex and intercourse. The video reveal at times youngsters are seen screaming and trying to escape.

Prosecutors are still trying to identify many of the children seen in the videos and more victims are being identified through interviews with parents and children.

Twice, Bradley had been investigated by prosecutors - first in 2005 and again in 2008. Neither investigation led to an arrest, nor were reports filed with the state medical board.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said he has never heard of a case with so many victims.

Many are stunned that parents let Bradley take their child to another room without supervision. CNN has a pretty intense video report that may answer some of those questions.

Delaware Online
Cape Gazette


Anonymous said...

I worked at Kaiser in Downey, here in southern california, where we had a pedophile by the name of Dr. Peter Fisher. He too would examine the patients,all boys,in a locked exam room w/o the parents present. Being a pediatric endocrinologist his excuse was he needed to examine the patients for undescended testes, etc. All the staff knew he'd been up to no good for many years, but couldn't do much about it w/o actual evidence (locked doors). However, eventually a patient made a complaint after many years of abuse. Peter was brought up on charges and finally copped a plea just as they were seating the jury. He served his time at "Club Fed" in Lompoc where the Watergate crew did their time. As an aside he was tennis coach to Pete Sampras,during Pete's early tennis career. His probation stipulates he can no longer coach, or even be around, young people. There was a lenghty article in the New Yorker a few years ago and if I can find the link I will post it.

CaliGirl9 said...

Sounds like the Ayres thing, of course Ayres was a psychiatrist who had NO reason whatsoever to do a physical exam on the patients he saw for the reasons he was seeing them. No reason to look at a boy's testes because he's ADD or ADHD or angry at his parents ...

Choosing pediatric endocrinology is a bit more clever IMO

Still disgusting... and this guy is back on the streets?

I hope you are able to find that article, Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Delaware's Attorney General Beau Biden for conducting an investigation into all the doctors, hospitals, and agencies who suspected Bradley was molesting kids and yet failed to report him.

Over in San MAteo County, where Dr. Ayres practised, doctors suspected Ayres but didn't report him. They just stopped sending boys to him.

One of his partners failed to report Ayres after a mother of a victim told her that Ayres had molested her son.

She should have her license revoked.

Nora said...

This is among the worst abuse I've ever heard about. It upsets me even more because parents should know that there should always be a parent, and at the very least a nurse in the room with a child patient. Horrific. I can't think of a punishment bad enough for this scum.

donchais said...

From everything I've read, Bradley was very charismatic and the folks in this 1300 person town trusted him.

He got the kids aside by playing on that trust. If a mom needed to change a diaper on another toddler, he would say something to the effect, "don't worry, I'll entertain - insert name - go ahead and take care of the diaper."

If the parent was hesitant, he didn't push the issue and just waited for the next victim!

In eleven years, he figured out who among his patients he could easily take advantage of.

Evil personified!

Nora said...

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

Because of the Sandusky Affair, I went back and reread this story. With Bradley there was videotape and he preyed mainly on little girls.

David In TN