Friday, February 3, 2012

Lana Clarkson: Nine Years Ago

Lana Clarkson

I happened to see DDA Alan Jackson in Department 104 this morning, who was there on another matter. He reminded me about the date today.

Nine years ago today, the life of this beautiful and vibrant woman was cut short by Phil Spector on a drunken binge rampage. It took six years and two trials for a verdict to be reached and justice served. My new life as a crime blogger began with this case when I started covering it in February, 2007. Back then, I never could have predicted the friendships I've forged or the events I experienced. One of the most memorable that still stays with me today, was visiting Lana's niche at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I'll be lighting a special candle for her tonight.

Update 9:01 pm:
Spector settled the civil suit against him for Lana's death.


Debbie said...

congrats on the anniversary of your blog ... wow, 9 years since Lana was murdered! :(

Marjorie said...

Love you Betsy. You are a heck of a writer. So happy there was finally justice for Lana.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you Betsy on the anniversary of your blog! I can't believe it's been 9 years! You have a wonderful talent for writing (and sewing), and I feel so blessed to have found you, and that you have become a friend in real life (not just a friend on the internez :). I will never forget the day we spent together - especially the time we sat in front of Lana's niche together. Even though I never met her I felt something there that day - her presence was there, and I felt it so strongly. I just know she was there that day reaching out to you from the other side to thank you for part of the journey to seek justice for her. To this day I am still so sad when I see her beautiful picture and remember what that retched Spector did to her. I hope every single day he lives is hopeless and miserable one.

Sending you my love,

Kitty M.

ritanita said...

It's been that long? Hard to believe! If it hadn't been for T&T, I would have known so much less about Spector I and virtually nothing about Spector II.

Happy Birthday, T&T!

Let's not forget all the other trials you have covered, spending endless hours in the courtroom.

Looking forward to your coverage of the Lazarus case.

Anonymous said...

Seems forever ago. I'm glad the family got some financial benefit from this. And ironic that the settlement came on the anniversary of her death. It's just a shame. And, $ that Spector's trial bride cannot squander. You did a good job on reporting. Wonder how long before we read of his demise in prison.

BettyC said...

Time has really flown by. Hard to believe it was 9 yrs ago.

The fact that Alan Jackson knew the date just reinforces my admiration for him.

You sure have gone through a lot since then Betsy. I hope the good outweighs the bad.

Anonymous said...

Yes Betsy thanks for all this work and the update on the Civil Case....I did not know it was over before it even began. I have always hoped that there would NOT be a confidential settlement...the public wants to know. Even more surprising to know that the Insurance Company was still involved in the case, I thought they would have gotten out long ago (on the premise that insurance policies routinely exclude coverage for any illegal acts). So I wonder, did the insurance AND Spector both have to chip in? I guess we will never know.

Please consider me one of your new friends you met along the way.
-Wes J.

Anonymous said...

I took the time to review your former posts regarding Spector.

It IS amazing that the 1st trial was 9 years boggles my mind how the things in my life have advanced also but didn't seem as quickly!!

Maybe I missed it but do you have his current living situation and info how he is living the prison life?

Thank you for all your valued work.

Sprocket said...

The first trial wasn't 9 years ago. Lana Clarkson's death was 9 years ago.

The first trial was in the spring of 2007, five years ago.