Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stephanie Lazarus Trial: Artist Thomas Broersma II

More sketches from artist Thomas Broersma at the Stephanie Lazarus trial.

2-22-2012 Judge Perry © Thomas Broersma

2-22-2012 Defense attorney Mark Overland © Thomas Broersma

2-22-2012 Thomas Fedor, SERI DNA Analyst © Thomas Broersma

2-22-2012 Fedor, © Thomas Broersma

© Thomas Broersma


Miz V said...

Wow. Really great sketches.
Love your blog Sprocket
I've been refreshing your page for days waiting for updates

It's surprising how the mainstream media isn't really reporting on the case. I'm absolutely hooked ..
Wish I was back in LA to catch it live.

I used to catch trials down at the criminal courts building during my summer breaks ... Born and raised. I was there during OJ's arraignment.