Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stephanie Lazarus Case: Interview with writer Matthew McGough on KPCC Radio

Stephanie Lazarus, interrogation interview, right before her arrest

In June 2011, writer Matthew McGough did a lengthy piece on the the Stephanie Lazarus case that appeared in The Atlantic. After the article came out, McGough did an interview on local radio station 89.3 KPCC, The Story with Dick Gordon, which just aired last night. Below is a link to the audio file of the show. McGough's segment begins at around the 31.30 minute mark where he discusses with Gordon the investigation into the cold case and his connection to Lazarus.

The Story with Dick Gordon - Interview with writer Matthew McGough


Utah Chris said...

I was hoping to be the number one comment on this link, but am stuck in an airport with no headphones and it might be a bit awkward playing this interview for all around me to hear. I'm not so sure I'd want to draw the attention of TSA.