Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stephanie Lazarus Trial: Artist Thomas Broersma

About ten days ago, artist Thomas Broersma contacted me through my blog. He had found my blog while researching the Stephanie Lazarus case. In his E-mail to me, he said that he had dropped in on other courtrooms to "work on my skills." Thomas asked about possibly getting into the Lazarus trial to document the case through sketches.

When I first saw the sketches Thomas sent me, I thought they were very good. After he had a chance to get into the Lazarus case he sent me some of his sketches. His friend Ryan Griffin also did some sketches.

Please note that the sketches below are the property of the artist, Thomas Broersma, who has given me permission to publish them on T&T.

Stephanie Lazarus, 2-12-12

Judge Perry, 2-12-12

Witness # 24 Michael Mastrocovo, DNA Analyst 2-12-12

Witness #21, Jennifer Francis, DNA Analyst 2-12-12

Judge Perry & Lazarus, 2-12-12

Thank you so much Thomas, for agreeing to T&T's publication of your work. I'll be posting more of Thomas' sketches and some of Ryan Griffin's sketches in the future.


Susan said...

Nice illustrations! I'm eager to see an illustration (or photo!) of John Ruetten.

Sprocket said...

Unfortunately, Thomas could not come to court on the days that Ruetten testified. From my understanding, Thomas only has a few hours per week that he can attend the trial.

Anonymous said...

On the day that I had attended the trial there was a woman who was drawing and I had saw her illustration of John Ruettan, Stephanie Lazarus and attorney...Were you able to get in contact with her.... her work was very good.

Sprocket said...

That sketch artist is Mona Shafer Edwards. She has covered trials since before OJ Simpson. She is a member of the union and the mainstream media pays her for her work. I cannot afford to pay for her work. Thomas offered his sketches to me free of charge.

At this link, you can see a video report that includes Mona's sketches.

Anonymous said...

What impact, if any, do you think Lazarus's demeanor is having with the jury? From what you describe, she seems to have very little to no eye contact with jurors and witnesses. As you have covered your fair share of trials, what do you make of her detachment? Do you think Overland has instructed her to remain distant and detached or do you think this is her coping strategy? Having been a juror once, I liked facing and having eye contact in court.

Sprocket said...

I'll answer this on the Q&A thread.