Monday, February 20, 2012

Phil Spector's US Supreme Court Appeal

UPDATED 2-21-2012 Edited for accuracy

Phil Spector conviction booking photo

My wonderful friends in the MSM dropped me some news yesterday. Tomorrow, February 21st, 2012, it is expected the US Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear Spector's appeal on his murder conviction in the death of Lana Clarkson. If they refuse to hear the appeal, his murder conviction is final. Does anyone want to place any bets on whether or not the Supreme Court will hear his appeal?

But it's not really "over". There still is one last appeal that Spector can file and it's a common one filed by many convicts. Spector can file a writ of habeas corpus in federal court. It's basically a civil suit filed against the warden of a prison with the allegation that the inmate is being wrongly imprisoned. It's an easy wager that Spector will file this writ. However, it rarely (if ever) results in a prisoner being released from custody.

People occasionally ask me how the trial bride, Rachelle Short Spector is doing. I haven't a clue how she's doing, but I expect she's not doing too bad, now that she has "the castle" all to herself (I'm betting she redecorated and tore out that hideous blood red carpeting) and she doesn't have to sleep with her husband any more. (I can't imagine that was ever a pleasant experience.) I mean, the thought of that just makes one go "Ick!" and cringe inside, doesn't it? Last anyone heard, she still visits her murdering hubby on weekends. What a fun trip up the I-5 that must be.

Thankfully, the Clarkson's civil suit was settled on the 9-year anniversary of Lana's death. The details of the settlement are unknown at this time, but it's a good bet that Spector did not admit to anything.

UPDATE 2-21-2012:
The US Supreme Court declined to hear Spector's appeal. They did not give any comment on the decision. I'll report as soon as I hear when Spector has filed the writ.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sprocket...please post update on decision if you can.

ravenmom1 said...

His picture makes me cringe... and I can only saw... BLECH... with the vision of her having to sleep with him... eww.. nasty.
Yes, please post updates if you can.. and thanks for all the hard work.

NancyB said...

I'm betting that there is not a chance in hell that they will rule in his favor. The current makeup of the Supremes alone does not bode well for him. Now, if this was the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals then who knows, it could be possible. He is where he belongs and I hope he lasts a long time there.

kellygreen said...

Honestly, does anyone care about the trial bridezilla? The second she realizes he's only going to leave prison in a body bag, she'll be gone as will ALL his money! They deserve one another.

Sprocket said...

What was "really gone" was that music career she pursued. Maybe she really thought she was the next Whitney Houston....

C Carroll Adams, PhD said...

As predicted, today 21 February 2012, before 11 AM PST, the US Supreme Court rejected Spector's appeal.

Looks like Wee Phil will be at home in prison for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

Betsy it is beyond real, isn't it? One day someone will write the definative story of the "final years" of PS and if well-researched, it will be good reading. But the fact is, most people have already lost interest in the man....and the bride.

I have long suspected that his appealate attorney has begun to view Spector as a "cash cow" and he is perfectly happy to file as many appeals---with 6-figure price tags----as his client can pay for. Should there be further filings, there can be no doubt about that.

Again, we thank you for your attention to this case. Meanwhile, rest up, as the "fake Rockefeller murder case" will soon be upon you!!
-Wes J

PoisonPen said...

So glad he has exhausted his appeals. Now the troll can sit under the bridge and wait for his death.

Lana wins
Justice for lana and family

Anonymous said...

After the two trials, the appeals and now the latest turn down by the Supreme Court, the habeus corpus seems like a little life preserver in a huge ocean of law. He had the best money could buy. He needs to stock up on reading material and snacks and prepare to spend the rest of his days there.

Trial bride will get her finances in order, have her fun and go visit. He doesn't have too long to go at his age and physical health. I bet he wonders if he only would have gone home that night alone. Lana would be alive yet and he would be in the castle. Only one who benefited was the bride. Keep us posted Sprocket on the latest.

Anonymous said...

RANDOM FACTOID: Chris Plourd, defense attorney for Spector in the 2007 trial, is now a trial court judge in El Centro, California.

Anonymous said...

Well I can tell all of you that Phils "trial Bride" is indeed doing just fine. Within the last year she has purchased 3 to 4 new being the "James Bond version" of the Masaretti, a cool $250,000 car! And yes, she did remodel the "Castle", and spent a bundle doing it. "Trial Bride" does visit Phil in Prison on weekends, but no brownie points, its only for a few short hours and not every weekend. She did indeed make off with a lifetime of his royalties and probably a new boyfriend waiting in the Castle.

Sprocket said...

Anon @10:00 AM:

Which proves my point/opinion and of many in the MSM that....for the trial bride, the marriage was all about the $$$. If she just held out long enough for him to be convicted, she would make out like a bandit.

Michelle Blaine has stated that after the first mistrial, the trial bride called her up, sobbing. She knew she was going to have to live with little Phil for at least another year.