Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Casey and Caylee Anthony Case: New Documents Released

The Orange County Sheriff's Office released approximately 600 more pages of documents to the public. (Okay, it's only 591 but that's still a bunch!) At this point, it I've not been able to find a source where all six hundred documents have been put up on a server by a media group. If anyone finds a link, please email me so I can include it in the blog.

The Orlando Sentinel
has put up 317 pages so far.

Here's a key that ritanita has made:

Tony Lazzaro: Pp. 1-34
Amy Huizenga: Pp. 35-79
Text messages: P. 80
Brittany Schieber: Pp. 81-98
Ricardo Morales: Pp. 99-127
Troy Brown: Pp. 129-146
Lauren Gibbs: Pp. 147-158
Brian Bruner: Pp. 159-179
William Waters: Pp. 179-197
Lee Anthony: Pp. 99-266
Jesse Grund: Pp. 267-310 (two interviews)
Calendar pages: Pp. 311-317

WFTV Report

WFTV's Lee Anthony Transcript

WFTV's Tony Lazzaro Transcript

CNN Find Caylee Blog

Thank you ritanita for outlining where to find the various interviews in all those pages!


diamond4ever2000_2000 said...

i feel casey anothony was very jeolous of her mom spending so much time and energy on caylee that they had a fight one day she left by the next day told her parents for bonding with the child ,but she was just trying to punished her mom by keeping caylee away from her ,so after a couple days she didnt have freedom she found out and she did not want cindy having her so she slip up by thinking one night she would knock her out with a little of cloroform ,but when she checked her after wards ,she was dead ,thats when she paniced make phone calls with no avail ,then decided to put her in the trunk, until she figured this out,as to what to do and thats when she ran out of gas in the car,then i think thats where she had a person helping her in getting rid of the body ,and i believe its one of her cop guy friends ,who better then a cop to know how to get rid of a body where there will never ever be any trace ,i think this person told casey i need gas and shovel and she got both and the other person burned the body where there is nothing left to find ,that explains why casey is not worried about anyone ever finding the body she knows there never will be one found!,what i dont understand is what is the hold up in convicting this girl there is more then enough evidence ,and i think a jury would convict her ,and this is my opinion, but this is a case where i feel torture should be allowed until she talks.!

Sprocket said...

I believe via statements made by Leonard Padilla and other sources, the fight between Casey and her parents the night of the 15th was about the money she had stolen from Cindy's parents retirement account(s).

Cindy's mother wanted Casey prosecuted. (Don't you find it interesting that Casey has never been charged with those thefts?) IIRC, Cindy replaced the stolen funds out of her own IRA account(s).

That's an interesting theory, diamonds.

I've not seen anything in the way of released documents so far that Casey might have had help in the disposal of her child's body.

I believe ~well, hoping~ that the police have lots more forensic evidence that they have not released to the public yet.

Anonymous said...

well as to my thinking, i think diamond has got it pretty close, I also believe cindy is the one in the family that is hurting more than anyone. a grandmother has a love that cant be explained, all i see of casey's dad is him making silly excuses that make no sense, so i can see how casey comes up with her stupid lies..Lee same thing.. Id like to know why caylee's little doll she took everywhere was found in a pond? thanks for letting me put my two cents in.

Anonymous said...

annon - where did you get your info that the doll was found in a pond? I understood it was left behind but no pond.

Diamond - where, besides in your mind, is the evidence of jealousy between Casey and her mom over Caylee. I don't see that as a motive for murder either. A lot of people are jealous of lots of things but to murder their child because of it seems a pretty big stretch, and Casey just doesn't act like a woman who has committed such a heinous crime. It is so incongruent.

The problem I see with the chloroform is that according to people I know who understand this science is that it would dissipate rather rapidly - the Anthony's had the trunk open, then the police had it open. Why was chloroform still there. It is also used in gathering DNA - could it be a non-evidence piece due to the by-products of the investigation. That is a big question for me.

I think it is a big leap to believe one of her cop friends helped her dispose of the body. To become an officer is not an easy thing - those guys are not perfect but they are not typically the type of person who would help hide a body. It doesn't fit with any logic.

Besides, where in that area would they go to burn the body - have you ever smelled a burning body? It is as awful or more so that the decomp. So where are the folks who smelled that body burning? And the borrowed shovel was only for 45 minutes, that is not long enough for the body to even burn, let alone to burn and bury her.

There, in my opinion, is not enough evidence. Remember the defense is going to get to challenge a lot of it and offer different explanations. A charge right now would be a real bad idea. Cases in the real world are not as easy as they seem when we watch TV. And CSI is no where near the reality of such work.

Those who believe torture should be allowed, or that it would be okay to kick Casey until she talks, or do any other violent act. Please remember, you could be accused of something at any time - and when you don't have the answers then you would be open to violence and abuse to get it out of you. Confessions when violence is employed are often not true - just a person trying to get away from the abuse. I worry about the mind set of people who promote violence and abuse to solve any problem.

Just another thought - I find Leonard Padilla to have contradicted himself and "lied" as much as many others. I do not trust a word he says - he has a reason to want the publicity but it isn't to save Caylee or find her.

shari said...

FYI, The baby doll of Caylees and her car seat were found IN the car at the Amscot. Even Cindy told a neighbor that she wanted to know haw Casey was driving Caylee around without the car seat and that Caylee also would NEVER leave anywhere without the babydoll. This is all in the just released interrogations. It was also mentioned that Casey was not happy about her mom(Cindy) caring more about Caylee. Casey also said her mom accused her constantly about being a bad mother and said "maybe I am" ( a bad mother)