Monday, September 15, 2008

Phil Spector Hearing 9/15/08 - Part Deux May Not Be Televised!

Ok, the five original witnesses are in, but Fidler hasn’t decided on Kemper yet.

The defense is working with a “suicideologist”, Richard Seiden(sp?), but hasn’t given any discovery to the prosecution. The defense is tap dancing around saying they don’t know if they will put him on the stand or just use him as a consultant.

Pena can testify and objections will be taken on a question-by-question basis.

Spector was there, wearing his Obama button and the diamond dragonfly pin.

Defense want the names of the jurors as well as what internet sites and Facebook sign-in id’s they use. Doesn’t look like that will happen.

The biggest bombshell – no organization has approached Fidler to televise Spector Part Deux! Fidler doesn’t allow a big television camera sitting in open court. They must be fairly well hidden and boxed-in so as not to be a distraction. Looks like nobody want to go to the expense.

Sprocket to update later.


Anonymous said...

Heads Up Sproket!
Me and the gang are setting up a tent city in your back yard. That way maybe there's a chance we too can see Spector Part Deux since it may not be televised! Just think how fun it will be all getting ready in the morning and schelping it downton to the LA court house! JUST KIDDING!

Can't believe the defense wants potential jurors passwords to myspace, factbook and internet blogs! I don't see that happening either!
Thanks for the update!
Kitty M.

katfish said...

Wow! Sprocket, we are going to need your coverage more than ever!
I have so been looking forward to seeing Alan Jackson work again. :'(

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the update
Ahhhhhh - for no TV

shari said...

Wow! no coverage on tv....say it ain't so. I will soooo miss the troll's outfits and the bride's as well. I am sure surprised she has stuck around this long. T&T is gonna have their hands full keeping us up to date and informed. I am sure it will be up to the challenge as in the past. Am enjoying all blogs and stories on this site. THX!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Michel gains access!!!

Sprocket said...

Here's the short news until I can get my notes up.

Judge Fidler requires that if a Media Outlet wants to televise the trial, he has restrictions on what type of camera the Media is allowed to use.

The three cameras that were in Fidler's courtroom during Spector 1 all were mounted on the wall above the jury box. They were enclosed in dark wood boxes with smoke glass fronts. You couldn't see throught the glass to know what the boxes were. Now defunct Court TV complied with those demands. They also had two camera operators inside the courtroom at a monitor station manipulating the cameras. There was also a ton of cable that had to be strung from the cameras on the 9th floor, out to the satellite truck in the parking lot.

That's quite a bit of expense verses a camera tripod in the gallery attached to a computer.

Currently, TLE is using TruTV/CNN In Sessions cameras in the OJ robbery trial in Vegas.

Even Judge Fidler said that there was not the same amount of media interest in Spector 2 as there was in Spector 1. All the big name reporters are at the OJ trial right now. It remains to be seen whether or not once that is over, they will drop in on Spector.

There still is time, I would think, for a Media organization to make a motion for cameras. I think KTLA could handle the expense . . . if they wanted. Thing is, there just isn't the public interest anymore. Everyone knows what the witnesses are going to say in Spector 2. There will not be any bombshells; it's just a repeat. Repeat trials do not garner the same amount of attention that the first trial does. That's just the way it is.

More later on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket! I'm here to spread the word about a new online petition JUST MADE TONIGHT!

If people want this trial to be televised---we need their voices to be heard so please spread the word!!!

Hope this helps,

Janice said...

Oh My - I'm so disappointed. I can't imagine knowing the trial is going and and not being "there" to see it.

Do you have any idea what "Court TV/In Session" isn't going to make the necessary effort to show this?

I'm just stunned.

I'm also sad to hear that PS wears an Obama button. Guess I should be thrilled for the vote - I really don't want to have anything in common with him.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts. I have learned so much from reading your blogs and so appreciate your passion for sharing the truth with all of us.


Janice said...

Sorry for a double post... Just wanted to say that I tried to sign the petition but it would not take the information.


Sprocket said...

I recommend those interest call the Los Angeles County court's public/media liaison's office (M-F) to see if any new motions have been filed to have a camera in the courtroom.

Not all the motions in this trial have been put up on the LA County's website.