Friday, September 26, 2008

Elizabeth Halverson’s Husband Indicted by Grand Jury

~under arrest

~arriving to testify

Ed Halverson is accused of attacking his wife with a cast iron skillet earlier this month. He has been charged with battery and attempted murder

Elizabeth Halverson testified for two hours before a grand jury, Tuesday.

Elizabeth Halverson spent more than two weeks at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Surgeons used more than 100 staples to repair the lacerations to her head.

She also underwent additional tests after doctors thought she was suffering from internal bleeding.

"I have headaches all the time," said Halverson.

Ironically, Halverson appeared in the same courthouse she left in July 2007 after she was suspended from the bench.

Halverson is awaiting a decision from the discipline commission, which heard allegations of mistreating her staff, falling asleep on the bench and improperly communicating with jurors.

The judge placed a bizarre call to 911 after the alleged attacked.

"Please, help. Please, help me now," she whispered in a panic. "He's beating me with a frying pan."

Rumors have been swirling since the incident that Elizabeth herself, inflicted the damage.

While asking 911 for help, she quite calmly talks to her husband. She tells him to clean up the blood on the floor and asks him to get ice for her battered, bloodied eye.

Ed Halverson sounds pretty solicitous of his wife on the 911 recording.

I don’t know what went on in that house – Ed may be dumb as dirt, but in the call, he seems confused and concerned - not on a murdering rampage. Sounds scripted to me!

kathlb says: At first I thought it sounded like she was on a cell phone for help and didn't want him to know hence the whispering when he left the area each time. But then when I heard him sounding surprised at her injuries and seeming to say "Who did this to you?" I was flabbergasted. It's a puzzle for sure. It'll be interesting to watch and see where this goes.

Listen to the 911 call and you decide.

911 Call



Anonymous said...

I heard that taped 911 also, and it made no sense. There HAS to be more the story. Elizabeth Halverson loves drama and this fits the bill to be sure. No one deserves a beating, and I highly doubt she could self-inflict those injuries. On the other hand, maybe her hospital stay was a blessing and the doctor's convinced her to plan ahead for gastric-bypass surgery. In HER case, it's really not an option. Without appropriate bariatric intervention her life is in jeopardy. Get help, Ms. Halverson and throw in a little mental health treatment, as well.

Anonymous said...

Not only is your writer dumb as dirt so are your readers.

Only a true idiot could come to the conclusion that multiple skull fractures was self induced.

I work at Sunrise hospital. I saw the Judge. There is NO WAY on God's earth could these wounds be self inflicted.

Perhaps the reason Mr. Halverson sounds like he is a dazed and confused loser is because he is a loser and shocked at his own dispicable behavior.

As far as the comment of Gastric Bypass. There is no way a Bariatic Surgeon would perform Gastric Bypass surgery on someone like Judge Halverson. The risks would be FAR to high.

Do you really think it has never occured to the Judge to go that route?

The ignorance is mind boggling.

donchais said...

Anon 12pm

Wow, dumb as dirt - Writer and readers?

First, how convenient and cowardly that you tag as anon – are you the person who possibly helped the judge stage this?!

1. Your gross rudeness is quite amusing – I didn’t come to any conclusion – I reported what is out there in the news and asked folks to form their own opinions.

2. You seem to know Ed as a “confused loser”. Did you listen to the tape? Your comment says you apparently think you know Ed. Your opinion is based on what?

3. Sunrise has never released Halverson’s condition or injuries – you got something to back up your claims?

4. Here’s a question for YOU – Are you that haggard, old biddy from the disciplinary hearing? Ya sure sound like it!

5. “Only a true idiot” would comment the way you did!!!

6. "ignorance is mind boggling".

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much, donchais, for your perfect response to that previous 'Anonymous' person's stunningly ridiculous comments!

Anonymous said...

First question: Was there food in the frying pan? This has never been answered to my satisfaction. Second question: Did Elizabeth Halverson suffer from low self-esteem, which enocuraged her to marry a violent drug abusing felon? Somehow, I'd love to be her husband's defense attorney-I'd make Elizabeth ride her little putt-putt truck into the courtroom every day.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the tape. It plays like a genetic footprint of a liar when she isn't muting the cell phone speaker call feature. The judge framed her husband, who seemingly is an easy target because of his own issues. She probably fell, and blamed her sidekick because he wasn't attending to her properly or she just wanted to get even for something else. We need more info on the physical evidence, but a 450-pound fall can cause multiple fractures and puncture wounds. And she allegedly tried to get an employee to murder her husband a few months before. Listen to the tone and manipulation in her voice when she talks to her husband; when she says "He's an ex-con," and when she plays the victim a few seconds later when the police arrive. If I were a lawyer, I would have taken his case for free. She seems like a dissociative sociopath.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. The judge told the police at the scene that her husband may have used bleach to clean up blood splatter, and then directed police to a bleach bottle in the bedroom waste basket. You listened to the tape. There was no time for him to do this unless she was instructing him to do it while she was muting her cell phone. I think she hit a corner or projected object when she fell (causing the damage to her eye and right side of her face), and cleaned it up so she could frame her husband. A fall also explains the blunt force trauma to the chest and brusing of her right palm. Someone needs to look at the evidence again before it is destroyed.