Monday, September 1, 2008

Casey Anthony Continues To Sit In Jail With Her Mouth Shut

There is an offer on the table from the State Attorney's Office if she chooses to speak about what happened by Tuesday. The deal comes off the table at 9 am.

Meanwhile, mixed stories continue to surface as to whether or not little Caylee is alive or not. All of these stories have appeared in the past 7 hours!

WESH: For the first time on the record on Sunday, Orange County investigators acknowledged that recent FBI lab tests indicated that Caylee Anthony's body was in her mother's trunk and that the child is dead.

Orlando Sentinel: "Since we've gotten things back from the FBI lab, we know that we're probably looking for a body," said Sgt. John Allen. "We're to the point in the investigation where we think it'd be good to go back and retrace some of our steps."

Local 6: Orange County sheriff's deputies said Sunday they are not ready to confirm that missing Caylee Anthony is dead or that her body was in the trunk of her mother's car.

While I’ve lost all hope that Caylee is alive, I don’t think the media is helping matters with the conflicting reports! It’s almost like listening to Cindy Anthony!

Kitty Malone says: I'm confused and IRKED! You know what I'm saying? How can 3 local papers have 3 different reports? Crack head writers? Okay, that was harsh, but come on! Please!

Hopefully, we will get some clarification from the Sheriff's Office today.

On Sunday, a Sheriff's Office helicopter was sent up with EquuSearch's infrared equipment to help map the search area and look for things such as recently disturbed areas or fresh tire tracks.

Volunteers searched and area north of Orlando International Airport. The area is roughly seven miles from the Anthony home.

Thank you Kitty Malone for your help!


katfish said...

Local 6 reports say that "Sheriff Deputies" aren't ready to confirm Caylee is dead. WTF!
The other 2 papers quote,lead investigator, Sgt. John Allen as saying she is dead.
Combine that with the fact the Sheriff's office is now assisting in the physical search for Caylee and there seems to be only 1 logical conclusion.....Caylee is no longer alive.
Did Local 6 take Allen's statement that they are "probably" looking for a body to mean "not ready to confirm" or did they ask Deputies whom were not qualified to "confirm" anything? Who knows! Great account of this story though Donchais and Kitty!

Sprocket said...

There's a 20-year-old woman on MySpace, "Freethinker" who has posted the audio of a phone call she made to Leonard Padilla. In the call she identifies her first name as Rachael. Padilla takes the call and answers her questions. Here's the link to her page:

It's interesting what Leonard reveals to Rachael.

I'd also like to point T&T readers to a recent entry on the blog, Missing & Abducted that I believe sums up the general public's feelings towards the Anthony family, perfectly.

Sprocket said...

Latest From Greta Wire, Greta Van Susteren's blog:

From: Wells, Justin
Subject: major casey anthony update

First information from police- where they are DIRECTLY saying Caylee is likely deceased. Here is the information I’ve just received from Capt. Angelo Nieves w/ Orange County Sheriff’s Dept:

CAYLEE ANTHONY UPDATE #10 September 1, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony Evdence Status

FBI Lab evidence provided scientific evidence of human decomposition in the trunk of the defendant’s car. The laboratory evidence, along with additional evidence that has not been made public, leads investigators to the belief there is a strong probability that Caylee is deceased. If any evidence to the contrary is provided, it will be vigorously pursued.

The Sheriff’s Office is still waiting for additional laboratory results for evidence that is being processed.

The last corroborated sighting of Caylee is with the defendant. No credible evidence has been presented to confirm that she was in the voluntary or involuntary custody of anyone else. Investigators still believe the defendant holds the key to finding the child. In the absence of a truthful statement from the defendant as to the last location of Caylee, investigators are continuing to utilize all the technological, scientific and recognized investigative methods to locate Caylee.

Preserving the integrity of the investigative details of a case of this magnitude is paramount to its successful conclusion and locating Caylee Anthony is the primary focus of this investigation.

Capt. Angelo Nieves

Orange County Sheriff’s Office of Media Relations

shari said...

Just a thought, but I just cannot see Casey out in the heat digging a grave in the woods and getting really dirty and sweaty. (90+ degree heat here) Is it possible she could have used another "stolen" credit card and rented a storage unit, paid for a number of months in advance and then left the body in one of these? They cannot get in them as long as you pay, and then they have to get a court order similar to an eviction, to open and release the storage area. That would take a long time for a decomposing body. HMMMMMM Anyone else have any theories??? Maybe I read too many crime novels haha

Sprocket said...

Hi shari,

I think Casey tried to dig in the back yard or near by the property but soon realized how hard it was and abandoned the task. IIRC, the shovel was only borrowed for a very short period of time, less than an hour.

IF (and I think that's a big if) she rented a storage unit, for her to go undetected, she would have had to have paid cash. I think with all the publicity about this case locally, if she rented a space, the storage facility would have come forward. Her name and face are in the news, daily; someone at the facility would have recognized her. I don't think this is a route Casey would have chosen.

My personal opinion is, Caylee is in swamp land, or horrible thought, gator food. The other possibility is landfill.

About landfill. It has the capability to preserve a body quite well. Remember the Blagg case in Colorado a few years back? His wife was found in the landfill almost a year later and she was quite well preserved when they dug her out.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had read that where Casey abondened the car there was a dumpster there. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so what about the dumpster?

Also...does anyone know did Casey's parents and brother ever meet the "babysitter"?

donchais said...

About the dumpster - don't forget the cars was abandoned there for several days. Logically, it was probably emptied one or more times.

No,the parents and the brother NEVER met the "babysitter" - she is purely a figment (read lie) of Casey's imagination!