Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mommy Dearest – Cindy and Casey Anthony, and Cindy Rewriting History


Remember the famous Faye Dunaway, wire hangers scene? I think ‘wire hangers’ is appropriate for both Cindy and Casey; neither of these women are up for ‘Mother of the Year’!

Cindy, with all her recent tantrums and tongue-lashings – well, I can sure picture her running through the house screaming ‘wire hangers’ and Casey - in refusing immunity - pretty much has her jaw ‘wired’ shut!

Growing up in that insane asylum, were Casey and Lee playing the roles of Christina and Christopher Crawford? Ultimately, did little Caylee then take over the role of Christina? It may not be too far-fetched!

Rewriting History

July 15 - 911 call “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car”

July 21 - On Greta, Cindy begs national media to help find Caylee

July 23 - On Nancy Grace, commenting on cadaver dog hits in Anthony backyard and car trunk - Cindy says bag of pizza in car for 19 days and the same dog that cleared our house cleared the car

July 24 - Cindy leaving jail tells media she’s not worried about the smell in car

July 29 - Cindy blames media for putting false information out and she is blaming and holding the media responsible for Caylee still being missing

Throughout August, Cindy is still appearing on media broadcasts. (I swear, I was going to stick a pen in my eye if I watched more videos catching Cindy’s ever-change story!)

August 28 – Equusearch begins searching for Caylee at the behest of Cindy

August 29 - Cindy lashes out at media. Says of Tim Miller, “ I want him to do a search around here to satisfy all of you leeches, parasites and all of you maggots.”

Well, that was certainly a good reason to waste the time and resources of Equusearch!

WESH - Cindy again questioned about the smell in the trunk of the car - Cindy Anthony said she now has a new theory. "I felt rotten. Whatever it was, something decomposing in there, maybe someone put a body in the car after it was towed to the tow yard."

September 2 - Tim Miller, Equusearch on CNN with Nancy Grace, “right now, you know, it appears as though I probably need to pull off of this search.” Miller stopped short of saying he was getting no support or information from the Anthony family.

Then, Cindy Anthony, who just can’t resist an opportunity to be in the limelight, called in to Nancy Grace and told the audience that she didn't want people out searching for the remains of Caylee and it is a waste of time to search for a body because Caylee is alive and in Texas, Mexico or Puerto Rico. A month ago, she thought maybe New York, but she doesn’t think that anymore!

Cindy on the evidence there was a body in the car: Are we talking about urine? I mean, I myself, put dirty diapers back there from Caylee until we’ve gotten home and throw them away.

Cindy on the cadaver dog hit in the backyard: “You know when the dog hit on Caylee’s playhouse, I asked them is it because she peed in her playhouse?”

I have the distinct impression that Cindy has a dartboard with media responses de jour. Each morning when she wakes up, she throws a dart and wherever it lands, that’s her response for the day!

Seriously, if Cindy isn’t halfway into a nervous breakdown, she’s on a fast train, heading for one!

She has now heard the DNA and air evidence that proves a body was in the car, seen the 400 some-odd pages of police records that include statements and interviews and the family has been served subpoenas to appear as witnesses in Casey’s criminal trial set for November.

If that isn't enough to send you around the bend, I don't know what is!

This is a family who so desperately want to believe Caylee is alive. The only way they will believe she's dead is if they see Caylee’s body, which I’m afraid may never be found.

Maybe - just maybe - reality is beginning to set-in, which might explain a lot about Cindy’s behavior!

CNN.Crime video story


Sprocket said...

Despite the totally nuts public statements by Cindy Anthony on Nancy Grace last night, Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch has decided to stay for the long haul and continue the search efforts for little Caylee despite record low turnout numbers of volunteers.

Thank God.

Cindy was the one who asked Miller's team to help find Caylee but at every opportunity she appears to be kicking this gift horse in the mouth. My sympathies are with Mr. Miller. I'm sure he has never encountered a victim's family member quite like Cindy before.

Fox News is reporting Miller's group is staying at the request of the Orange County Sheriff's, who handed him a $5,000 check, the assistance of 25 airboats and the entire mounted patrol to help the search.

Tim has the biggest heart imaginable and I believe Caylee's best hope for being found are with his experience and direciton.

Cindy needs to step away from the microphone. Not once have I ever heard Cindy Anthony make a plea directed at the mythical kidnappers to return Caylee. All she has done is rage at the public for not helping search for her granddaughter. IMHO, Cindy has irreputably damaged any sympathy the general public has for her and the rest of her family.

shari said...

Bravo Sprocket....well said. The funny thing is if this child were truly still alive, whoever had her would be so at risk criminally right now with all the media coverage..not to mention they could also be tempted by the quarter million reward, they would turn her out like yesterdays news. You are so spot on about Cindy NEVER pleading to the "kidnappers"..If they have all this "unreleased" info..spit it out so someone can find your grand daughter. What alot of nonsense. And grandpa George was a cop. I wonder how he deals with these women in his family UGH!

Anonymous said...

Cindy Anthony makes blood shoot out of my eyes! This whole fiasco has esculated to the level of craziness I've never seen in a missing person's case. Cindy Anthony has gone WAY too far this time by going on nat't t.v. and telling people that she DOES NOT want Equusearch to search for Caylee's body, insulting Tim Miller in the process, and enraging the very public that could be of aid in finding her grandaughter! While I do have compassion for Cindy for what she and her family are going through, her actions and ridiculous public ramblings in the media are making it increasingly difficult for me to believe that she is totally innocent in knowing about Caylee's
whereabouts. I feel that Cindy is hiding something and not disclosing some vital information about this case. It's looking more and more "Like Mother, Like Daughter" here. Perhaps Cindy and the truth are strangers as well!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if someone had Caylee, ain't no way she's alive. They wouldn't turn her over because they'd get in trouble. The police would FIND THEM, so they'd rather kill her than give her back. Just my opinion only, of course. Glad, as sprocket said, Tim Miller is still on the case, but unless someone finds her body or something that implicates the person responsible, there will never be a resolution - like so many cases involving children. Look, if Scott Peterson didn't have the bodies float to the surface, he'd be free today! That's the way this story could end - finding someplace where Caylee has been stashed, but I doubt it. I'm with someone who said she's in the garbage dump where no one will ever find her. Hate to be so negative, but that's the way I see it - unfortunately!

Tezi said...

Excellent entry guys. Tim Miller is one in a million. I imagine he probably is ready to pull out his hair due to the lack of cooperation from this "family."

I know it isn't funny, but that "wire hangers" reference had me ROFL. And it's so fitting when describing this fine example of a dysfunctional family. I thought my family and extended family were dysfunctional, was I ever off base. The Anthony family brings a whole new meaning to the term "dysfunctional family."

Anonymous said...

Like so many have said, this family's lack of cooperation is strange and dysfunctional! What a grandmother! I think they also remind me of Drew Peterson. As long as you point fingers at the press and anybody else bothering you and wondering why YOU aren't doing more to find this child, you'll escape being charged and arrested. That policeman is too clever and nobody will find that body - my take only! I'm happy Tim from Equusearch or however you spell it is a boon to this investigation, but this child may be in a place nobody will find - just like when he tried to find that poor young woman in Aruba.