Friday, September 5, 2008

Judge Elizabeth Halverson Hospitalized! Husband Charged With Attempted Murder!

Judge Halverson's husband Edward, beat her over the head with a frying pan last night. Officers had to force their way into the house to rescue her. Badly bruised over her head and face, Judge Halverson was rushed to the hospital.

Apparently, Edward Halverson has had quite a few brushes with the law, having served four years in prison with ten felony arrests in three states. He's charged with attempted murder, and two counts of battery. Along with justice, love must be blind, too.

This is just shake your head unbelievable. donchais says, "Maybe he just "snapped" after living with her for nine years."

Although we didn't blog about it, the T&T ladies watched in total fascination Judge Halverson's Judicial Discipline Complaint hearing and have been waiting to hear the decision. Halverson was suspended in July, 2007 stemming from charges she created a hostile work environment as well as inappropriately communicated with jurors.




CaliGirl9 said...

The skeptic in me immediately thought maybe she "arranged" for this assault to gain a bit of pity.
Though hubby dearest doesn't seem like Prince Charming.
Or maybe she tried to steal his dessert or something *wink!*

donchais said...

Hee caligirl!

I went the other way and thought this would for sure prove to the panel of judges that she - does- create a hostile environment!!!

Nick said...

No way. I watched that hearing through its entirety. I am a big fan of the judge's. How could her husband do something like that? Did she roll over on him in bed or something? LOL!

Nick said...

God save Judge Halverson. She's a good lady. I think a lot of people are out to get her.

Nick said...

Hey, I love your blog and have added you as a link on my blog. Hope you don't mind, but should you mind, just send me a comment and I shall remove it.

Nick said...

P.S. the panel can only decide on the facts presented to it; not on incidents that occur outside of that hearing room that are not admitted into evidence.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I too watched this hearing in morbid fascination. This is better than a soap opera. Can you imagine a reality show with the Halversons????

Nick said...

Wow, poor Halverson! I'm surprised she didn't hop on her scooter and scoot away. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I watched a lot of the hearings and thought that her husband was treated there like a trained service dog.

Information about the things Halverson said to him and about him during the hearings amazed me. She showed no respect to her "loving spouse."

She much have pust his last button, and based on his previous criminal record, was not the thing to do.

I hope she makes a full recovery and he gets his butt stuffed in jail for quite a while, though.

katfish said...

Judge Halverson's bailif (Johnny?)testified in court that the judge called her husband awful names and treated him badly....but a frying pan? Not your typical wife-beater weapon. Wonder if it was symbolic in some way?

Nick said...

Yeah, it was symbolic, katfish. She wanted some bacons and eggs and he fried her fat *euphemism* duff.