Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Casey Anthony Family May Make Millions

After you kill your child, your "best" move to sway public opinion in your favor (cough, cough) is to sign a movie deal worth millions. Yup. That will definitely get you the "family of the year" award.

WFTV reports:
Sources extremely close to the family told Eyewitness News that the Anthonys have signed a $2 million movie deal with the Lifetime Movie Network. (WTF? Is George and Cindy's retirement account a little low since Casey raided it?)

There are also claims that Casey's attorney is purposely trying to create drama in the case. (Say it isn't so, lol! Who's surprised about that?)

A movie director wouldn't have to make up the drama of Casey Anthony's first release from jail. When faced with Eyewitness News' tough questions, Casey turned away and nuzzled her face into her attorney's neck as he hugged her and shielded her from the rain and reporters.

It's the stuff that movies are made of.

The California bounty hunter who sprung her says that's what attorney Jose Baez is counting on, which is why his hired security force stood back and let the drama unfold. After that, Baez hired bodyguards for Casey at what Eyewitness News was told was $1,500 a week.
Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla told Eyewitness News on Wednesday that Baez made him sign away any rights on movie or book deals, that Baez is banking on the entertainment industry and so is his mysterious public relations man.

Just when you think the Anthony family can't stoop any lower, they do something to lower themselves farther down into the sewer. Other reports out today allege that Casey told her mother Cindy that she sold the child to someone in Puerto Rico. I'm wondering was that the fifth or tenth version of events that was spewing out of Casey's mouth?

Have y'all been reading though that massive document dump the OSCO did a few days ago? kathlb pointed out something in Lee Anthony's interview that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand out, as well as ritanita and Kitty Malone:

kathlb: And I found one part that intrigued me. When Lee was talking to Casey in her bedroom and Cindy was finally on the phone to LE that last time before they showed up, Casey said she was a spiteful bitch and when Lee told her that LE were coming she said if her mother had called them a long time ago maybe it wouldn't have gotten to this point. She seemed resigned and calm and almost glad. Now I don't know if it was a sympathy ploy or if she was glad it was all over and out of her hands now. It could explain her cold, calm attitude now. Also Jesse said he felt she had one foot in reality and when something happened to Caylee, she is now completely in her make believe world. He felt she should have gotten mental help long ago too.

Kitty Malone: That "....because I'm a spiteful biotch" comment really JUMPED out at me too, Kath! It's almost like she was on the tip of telling the truth about what REALLY happened, but then Cindy barged in and said "What have you done?! WHO TOOK CAYLEE?" It's was like Casey was about to tell Lee the truth, but when Cindy said this Casey went with it and blurted out that the nanny took her. It was as if she thought of that scenario right then and there - and she went with it - made that her "out". I read through all the interviews last night and am just amazed. All the partying she was doing, and boy hopping she was doing just makes me ill. When William commented that when he cut his face that Casey "Was right there with a cold wash rag to clean him up" and take care of him, I almost retched. She couldn't even take care of her little girl, yet she's wiping blood off of a complete strangers face! She is a piece of work.

ritanita: What was saddest to me was that he (Lee) mentioned that he was functioning as a mediator between Cindy and Casey before the police came. When there are two people at war in a family, it often falls to someone who cares about both to serve that difficult role. I'm sure Lee spent much of his life when he was still at home acting as the mediator. George seemed to be the sort who essentially kept away from it and let Lee take care of it. So, a lot of his youth was taken up with trying to keep the peace. He probably had to grow up long before his time. I'm also betting that the moment he could afford a place of his own he got out of that pressure cooker for his own well-being.

The interviews are revealing that the Anthony family made far different statements to LE than they did to the public and media, such as how the stolen gas cans were really recovered by George Anthony. The released documents also appear to be tightening up the timeline as to when Caylee possibly died. ritanita and I both agree that the date is somewhere on the 16th or 17th of June.

There's been a lot of speculation about what Casey needed the gasoline in the gas cans for, but I think cher_fl nailed it:

cher_fl: She had 2 cans from her Dad, tried borrowing one from Jessie and bought one at target, either she was taking a long trip OR she was going to burn the car, saying someone must have stole it after she left it at Amscot only the tow company got to it first.

I agree. I think she planned to burn the car to destroy any remaining evidence.

The interviews also reveal that early on, Casey tried to explain to Amy Huizenga the smell in her car to "squirrels" that got up in her car and "died." Lee Anthony's interview shows us that couldn't be the case. The car smelled so bad the family was afraid that Casey or Caylee was in the trunk before they finally opened it. In my opinion, the latest documents reveal this family knew early on that something happened to that child. The documents I'm now waiting to see are the interview transcripts of Cindy and George Anthony. How about you, readers? What are your thoughts?

CNN Finde Caylee Blog


ritanita said...

I wish we could hear what Cindy and George have said to LE, but I have a strong suspicion that those statement are being held back for more potent charges than felony child neglect.

These recent pages are only more of the tip of the iceberg in this case.

Kathlb said...

This case is taking on elements of the "Twilight Zone" which is understandable as we come to know the Anthony family. Before it is all over, I feel that we will see more charges filed than just the ones against Casey for a lot of reasons. While I am anxious to see Casey charged with the murder of her daughter, I am also glad that LE is taking their time to get it right.

Tim Miller and group will be back soon and I am hoping for a find that will finally put little Caylee to rest. The fact that it will also nail down the murder charge for Casey is just icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

This entire story has made me so sad. I have followed it almost everyday since the story broke. I can't stop thinking about it. It almost consumes me. I am almost positive that Casey Anthony murdered this darling little girl. I just can't figure out how. She really is a stupid person, so why can't we figure out what happened? She had to have messed up somewhere along the way. Have any of you seen some of the You Tube videos people have made? I literally sat here on Sunday at my desk and cried for about an hour at the one titled "Apologize." It doesn't help that I am 7 months pregnant- because I am crying now anyway- but that particular video really got to me. I need to start watching more Disney or something!
Anyway- with all of this said- I am unclear on why the prosecution can't build a case solely on circumstancial evidence. This woman was the biggest liar of all times. I think her own brother referred to her as "Diabolical". How can someone who steals gas from her parents afford to pay for a nanny? Daycares and nannys are very expensive these days. Can't the cops find a record of her having paid this supposed "nanny?"

What was casey thinking when she decided to get rid of her daughter? Apparently she didn't pack any of Caylee's clothing for this trip- which also proves premeditation. Uugh- that poor little thing. She had no idea what was in store for her when she was playing on father's day in that video reading her little book. If Casey wanted her out of her life so badly why didn't she put her up for adoption? There are so many wonderful families in the world who would have loved to have had Caylee. I would have even adopted her!
Sorry my blog is all over the board- I just have so many thoughts racing through my head. And it pisses me off that Casey is out getting her nails done and looking so smug on the cameras wearing that Find Caylee t-shirt. It is like she is laughing in everyone's faces. I hope to god this goes to trial and she gets the gas. We all know she did it and she needs to pay for what she has done. Good thing she lives in Florida- they aren't easy on people down there.

Thanks for your blog material that I read tonight. It was very informative.

Anonymous said...

Cher-fl: Right on !! About the GAS CANS.. REALLY.. How Many GAS CANS DOES A Person NEED !!?? JUsT TAKE THE CAR TO THE GAS STATION & FILL-UP the CAR!!!! TOO many gas cans= TOO Many QUESTIONS !! About the SQuriell, Maybe CASEY didn't have money for FOOD also, & was going to have some ROAD KILL for DINNER !! CASEY, You really make us normal people SICK !! The whole situation is SICKENING !! YOUR PARENTS & BROTHER NEED TO WAKE UP !! NO Wonder you are the way you are to, cause they always COVER-UP for YOU, IT REALLY SEEMS THAT WAY !! You people had better NOT get any MONEY for any BOOKS, MOVIES, or anything !! HOW could you people SLEEP at night !! You are so Apualling !!

Anonymous said...

About the gas cans....Casey could have stole them to put gas in the car. I'm sure you could use more than what the Anthonys had in the shed.

Anonymous said...

I believe in freedom of information, but feel the police department are releasing all they have to "fuel the fire" on everyone and to keep the story going. You can look at this 2 ways..either they think it will break Casey or they are hoping to get a jury that is selected to hang the B.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear anything more about the strand of hair that was found in the trunk of Casey's car. It was on one of Nancy Grace's episode and we were led to believe it was Caylee's and it was deemed to have the "death" ring on it. That and the decomp air should in itself be enough for an indictment.
Evidently we don't get the whole story or maybe only what NG wants us to hear.

Anonymous said...

I've watched N>G> since this whole ordeal started, sometime agreeing with everything she reports and other times mad...because she never ever lets anyone she invites to participate on the show voice their comments if it isn't what she (n.g.) believes. There is always a defense & prosecution in any crime, the people need to hear both sides.
I don't think this case will turn out like another case N.G. did, where the mother committed suicide because Casey has blocked any recollection of anything that happened during the time Caylee went missing. However, if this case goes to will have to be held in a remote area somewhere else in the world where they have no TV, as Casey Anthony will NOT get a fair trial anywhere in the US, thanks to Nancy Grace.
Shame on the Orlando Police Dept. for releasing every bit of videos, phone records, transcripts and forensic findings to the media. They could have kept them under wraps as an ongoing investigation. The Freedom of Information would be second to keeping evidence away from the public. They release more & more everyday which makes me believe they don't have much of a case to indict and they are only playing on the public's feelings to get a guilty plea after the trial.
I know that Casey Anthony has lied SO much during the investigation and has changed stories like I change my cat's litter box (maybe even more LOL), but her actions can be explained a good bit by a professional mental health counselor, one that is not pressured by Nancy Grace... which
I don't think since my views of Nancy Grace or my statement in my beliefs will be put on this "blog", as it states at the top of the page, the owner of the blog will approve any & all comments before posting.

Chuckubus said...

I think the problem with the circumstantial evidence is that it's not enough. Or there isn't enough of it. If the cops had the evidence to convict, then they'd have charged her with murder. A "smell" is not hard enough evidence. A "hair" that actually does NOT HAVE THE FOLICLE ON IT can't be matched 100% to Caylee, death ring or not. We know a dead person has been in that car. So sadly, the evidence that Nancy Grace and all the other media outlets have been touting as so "strong" are not really strong at all. Remember, if she goes to trial, she'll want to go based on the current evidence and she will want a change of venue (somewhere like Miami where most folks don't really like law enforcement). If the prosecutors blow the case, then Casey gets off scott free. They can't try her again if found not guilty. There is no statute of limitations, so they can take their time. The best thing they can do is find a body or the child alive. I hope Casey did sell her kid to someone, at least she'll be alive, you know? Doesn't mean Casey is a good person, just that she didn't kill the kid if she turns up, which in my mind isn't likely but I think we'd all love to see that little girl alive.

Casey's friend (well, former friend) Amy H (the one she stole from) is saying she thinks something happened, the kid died by accident, Casey freaked and concocted this story. Maybe so. But I think Leonard Padilla said something smart, which was right now, Casey is protected by bodyguards, she is shielded from all of this right now. He suggested putting her out there in the yard with the protesters and no protection from them, then see if she talks. I bet she would.

Anonymous said... made a very good comment. Why does Nancy Grace and her brainwashed cronies keep saying they have a strand (with DNA) of Caylee's hair?
My belief is that everything the Orlando police department have been releasing will come back and bite them in the rear-end. Everything they would have had against Casey, if they had kept it from the public could have been used against her when an indictment was made. They (the LE) doesn't have to release info until an indictment.
Casey's lawyer can work on discrediting many statements made by her so-called friends now.

Karen said...

I think Casey was involved in something like a kidnapping or drug deal gone wrong, someone did die, her vehicle was used for transport of a corpse and Caylee was abducted. Don't get me wrong; I'd love to be first in line to horsewhip this damn fool for what she's done to her family and this beautiful little girl. I also know that monsters exist who will kill even their own children. And maybe I'm letting common sense get trumped by wishful thinking by believing Caylee's still alive. When I heard that chloroform searches were done on the computer, the first thing I thought of was kidnapping/abduction. I know the popular belief is that Casey used the drug to knock Caylee out so she could party but I can think of at least 3 OTC drugs one can get at any pharmacy to do this (pain and cold preps) for a lot less effort and money. Not trying to be cute or funny, but I doubt Casey is capable of any kind of planning involving more than which nightspot to visit, or that she can even spell chloroform. Think about it, she's the perfect patsy; pretty(a good decoy), loose, drug-addled and with a vehicle. I think if the police had evidence of Anthony DNA from the 'signs of decomposition' from the auto's trunk, she'd be in jail on murder charges. Likewise, look at the change in Cindy Anthony's disposition. Initially she was ready to go pitbull on Casey and then changed to protective lioness. I think this was when Casey 'fessed up about the situation. George and Cindy look thinner, wasting, as if they knew their daughter was involved in something bad but that the little girl was still alive and this would account for the doggedness of their continued search. I think parking next to the dumpster was planned with intent on blaming the foul odor on the proximetry. I'm hoping the child is found and I've believed from the start the paternal family is involved. Also I'd love to know why I've never heard the Anthonys speak of Caylee herself mentioning this nanny/sitter. Surely she was at an age where she could have been questioned about her days with a sitter (what she had for lunch, where they went, etc.) especially if noone but Casey the flake knew the sitter.

Anonymous said...

I think Casey is guilty. Closed case. She's the one to blame. With her ever changing story , and everything else we have learned, it's nothing less than OBVIOUS! It makes me irate, that she sits back and continues to make more lies, it's insulting to every one, that she really thinks that anyone is going to believe anything she says at this point.

I've also noticed that her story changes, seem to follow things that readers have posted in comments on blogs... and they have already stated that she is on the computer most of the time. So I think she sits back and reads all of our 'theroies' on what we 'think' happend, and then she runs with it and makes it her new story of what happend.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify: the LE/Orlando Police ARE NOT 'leaking' etc. to media. The materials are under defense request ("Discovery"). Once that occurs they are (in) public domain (viz provided thru public court office). Obviously there are ways to NOT disclose in this fashion, but why not!? This is hardly the authorities 'fault'. Anything to close this case and hopefully allow no $$$ to be made by these outrageous people (although it sounds like Cindy/George already on that bandwagon...)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if the police have searched the beach for caylee?? Leonard Padilla said there was a grain of truth in casey's story so maybe thats where caylee's body is.

Reedahrooh said...

Has the police thought to look in the gutters where Casey parked her car. I feel maybe she wanted to party, and she somehow drugged the child and put her in the trunk of her car. She came back too late and found the child was dead. She panicked, and drove around several days trying to decide what to do, and that is the reason for the strong smell in the trunk. The Mom parked near a dumpster (the first place police would look). So just maybe the Mom found a street gutter hole big enough to roll the child in. I hope they would try to investigate that avenue. I hope and pray that the child is ok and is in loving hands (either up there, or here on earth). Casey your baby needs peace, let her rest, or let her come home. Please tell someone where she is. God will always forgive....even if society don't... That's your child,that is the best gift God ever gave you, even if you do not feel that way about it now.I pray for once show everyone that you can take care of her. Bring her home now...Mom.... Bring her home. I have 3 grown children now and I have in my heart and soul a hole in my heart for your child. I look at it like this..Caley could be my child..Over the course of this story she is such a beautiful child, All of the people out here care about her and you as well. Make yourself whole.. Be a woman and stand tall..... Bring her home Mom...Its time.....

icequeen said...

I have two things to say . One it sickens me to see that woman on TV and her daughter is out there somewhere dead or alive knowone knows and she continually lies .The coldness she must have to be able to disrupt a childs life that way . Is it just me or does it seem she lied from the beginning to protect herself and waste time for what The body to decompose to the point of being unrecognizable then no body no charge.,.can she be charged with murder if there is no body ???? This case is horrific and I do hope she gets exactly what she deserves for the countless man hours she is wasting with her tales daily changing her storys Sending them on all the wild goose chases ... Can she be sued for wasted man hours ?????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am little confused. Defense gets discovery? There has never been a charge filed, so how is it that discovery is the reason for release of pages of evidence? Her defense concerning charges of neglect and lying as well as stolen funds.
I wonder if there is discourse between D.A. and police dept. Perhaps the police dept. feels charges should be filed and D.A. hesitating? By releasing these documents, the police are letting the public in on the huge volumes of info.

Sprocket said...

Anon @ 6:09 am:

Yes, defense attorney's can get discovery. It depends on the State law. In California, all parties (counsel) must release to each other the evidence they are going to present at trial.

The law maybe slightly different in Flordia. Those of you who know the law in Flordia, we would appreciate it if you would weigh in here.

Anonymous said...

Can I play the black woman that was banging on the door with her family? Only I would actually kick it in and go nuts on them jokers. Oh please, let me know when they are casting for extra's. Please I want that part.

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that she will have more children. We all know that she will sleep with anything that has a heartbeat and I would bet my last dollar that she's doing more than watching t.v. at the lawyers office. Back to my main worry...If they don't lock her up and throw away the key. Her family will continue sucking in all the blood money they can get; while supporting her mental illness and games. Resulting in more dead babies. The whole thing makes me sick and the only thing that makes it any better is the fact that someday... The whole Anthony clan will have to answer to the highest power and then Caylee will get her justice.

dee said...

I, like a lot of you have followed this story from the begining. What I'am wondeing is about this babysitter, how is it that the grandparents don't know of this woman personally. Like her phone number, address and the like? I have 3 grandchildren and have always known everything about their babysitters.and especially with these 2 living with them.

Anonymous said...

I am still dying to know who Caylee Anthony's REAL father is -- this has never been found out??? Someone out there has to know they slept with this girl...wouldn't you think?? Last, this is really sad but Casey reminds me of my own sister -- I truely think there is mental illness here.

Sprocket said...

Cindy & George didn't know about a babysitter because there wasn't one. End of story.

anon @ 5:37:
To me it's not important who the father was. It most likely was a one night stand. With Casey's very active horizontal dance life, she probably doesn't even know.

The massive release of information:
IIRC, there are specific laws in Fla. where information must be made available to the public. I may be wrong about that, but that's my impression. Once the information is filed with the court for discovery, and Casey Anthony's attorney receives it, it is also released to the public. At this time, I don't see anything nefarious in that.

The strand of hair:
There isn't much more to say about the strand(s) of hair. They found them, they found a stain, and forensic testing has been done on these items.

Notice how, the OCSO has not released the actual documented reports of any forensic testing? It's my opinion that those results are being held back for the yet to come murder charges.

Maybe, maybe not. I think the forensic evidence in the trunk of the car is pretty damming, and will possibly show that Casey was drugging her child on a regular basis. I think the strands of hair found in the car will show that they test positive for drugs.

I think the OCSO is working slowly and methodically to build a rock solid case so they can go forward to charge her without a body. They've got plenty of time to make sure every test has been triple checked.

The decomposition smell is pretty solid evidence. The body farm is doing forensic testing that doesn't necessarily hit the main stream media on a regular basis. These tests are solid, forensic tests. The human body has a "signature" when it decomposes. It is distinguishable from an animal decomposition.

With what we are now learning about the computer searches Casey did long before her child went missing, i.e. searching missing children websites, it's looking more like to me, that this was premeditated. The fight with her mother and father over the stolen funds from the retirement account was the catalyst that pushed Casey to get rid of her child.

Rose said...

I believe Casey murdered her daughter out of rage and jealousy at her mother. If she had left angry, taking Caylee with her, she may have lashed out at her. The fact that she planned it all out goes without saying. The timing could have become an opportunity for her intended actions. The evidence is stacking up and eventually, even with only the substantial evidence, a jury will be swayed to convict her.

I also believe that after the baby's murder, she escalated in her fraud and thievery because deep inside, she must feel that she already committed the worse crime imaginable, so why not move the stealing from family to friends.

I imagine that if by some freak of the court system, that if Casey got away with her daughter's murder, she would pay by the isolation and constants attacks she would received from society, a trial more likely worse then O.J., and look at him now.

The movie deal, although it makes the family look bad and petty, will pay for the great and grandparents needs (moving, psychological help, etc.) once they can no longer deny to themselves what Casey has done.

Anonymous said...

I have thought that there was a second person involved in this since casey had to borrow a shovel and her parents stated that they already had one, being that she broke into the shed for a gas can then why did she not take her own shovel, or did she need two of them to dig faster.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Nancy Grace do a timeline on the vehicle. I am still confused about when the smell started. If she was making excuses before it went to the tow yard, it does not make sense that Cindy would say that she was told there was no smell before it arrived. Also, I thought I heard that the vehicle may have had an IPass for tolls, but have never heard if that was accurate. Seems like that would be a good way to trace where the vehicle had been, as well.

Anonymous said...

I read some of the transcripts and there is always a small bit of TRUTH in every LIE Casey speaks. She told her friends that her baby was at the BEACH with the babysitter. Maybe she was at the beach just NOT with the babysitter.

Maybe the child is BURIED or was DUMPED at the beach. Please keep searching for this beautiful baby. She deserves some justice. Please check the beaches, check the dumpsters at the nearby beaches near her home or her boyfriend's home. Check to see if she buried the child at the beach.

Anonymous said...

We are assuming that Cindy Anthony loves her grandchild as most do. I've never seen her cry. It was reported that when Cindy found out Casey was pregnant, her reaction was, that's her problem. What impending grandma has THAT reaction?

I fight tears every night I see that beautiful child. I've never seen Cindy cry. If she does, it's because her daughter is getting more power and attention than she is.

Cindy Anthony seems to be in her prime--all business and right on top of everything. She knows the two people to blame.

I would be interested in what Cindy's friends would say about her feelings toward Caylee. If I had a grandchild, I would take care of it as much as I could, much like the 3-year old I babysit. Did Caylee also interfere with Cindy's lifestyle?

Where do you think Casey learned HOW to lie and manipulate others? It's a toxic and enabling mother/daughter relationship.

Anonymous said...

To me, Casey's behavior is blatant, but not that different from the mother, Cindy. Explanations are quick-change and rambling.
I find it odd that no one knows the father of this child. Casey tried in vain to pin it on two different guys while pregnant.
Is her name Caylee due to Freudian slip? Have the police ruled out incest that resulted in the birth of Caylee?
Cindy knows the truth, though quite possibly subconsiously.
If this were so, and casey told her mom the truth, I dont see where Cindys behavior would be any different.