Friday, September 5, 2008

Casey Anthony Made Bail AGAIN!

I woke up in Cali to find Cindy's out on bond and has arrived at her parents house. Protesters have already gathered on her street. I don't approve of the protesting in front of the Anthony home because a mob mentality can get ugly fast. In those situations, more tragedy often happens. I lost my last shred of sympathy for the Anthony family days ago, but the protesting not only affects the Anthony's, it also affects all the people living on that street. Cindy and George Anthony along with an anonymous donor put up the bond to spring their daughter from jail. For some reason, they must think it's safer for her at their home than behind bars. There's speculation on Internet crime forums that the Anthony's could have signed the rights to Casey's story over to a writer or a production crew in exchange for this latest jail release.

While many theories are being tossed around the Internet as to how the chloroform could have gotten in Casey's car, an expert told WESH News:

Chemist Jeff Flowers, who has testified in state and federal court as an expert, said positive tests for vaporized chloroform mean those results could not have come from anything else -- not cleaning products, not human body fluids or a mixture of anything else.

"I think it's as significant or more significant than finding decomposition products," Flowers said.

Flowers said it had to have been pure chloroform, WESH 2's Bob Kealing reported."It could not have come from a chemical reaction in the trunk. It's impossible," Flowers said.

Flowers said chloroform can be found in very small amounts in everyday liquid cleaning products. But, he said, chloroform cannot vaporize or get in to the air unless large amounts of it are present.

"That solvent could knock out the driver of the car. It's a very dangerous thing to have that material in your car," Flowers said.

So according to Flowers, it had to be a pure chloroform. That rules out Cindy Anthony's explanation of pee soaked diapers. Nancy Grace on her show last night indicated her staff was able to purchase chloroform over the Internet in under ten minutes. Whatever the reason is for the pure form of chloroform to have been found in the car, you can bet Casey's jaw is still wired shut.


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shari said...

Does anyone else find it odd that the Anthonys couldn't come up with the bond money previously...but now with new "activist" lawyer NeJame, all of a sudden the family guarantees a promissary note for the $450,000 and someone comes up with the $50,000 ANONYMOUSLY????Not to mention when do these people have time to go to work to earn any money? This whole thing smells fishy. Wouldn't Casey be safer in jail?? Also the family..

Kim said...

I think they were having trouble coming up with the 50K cash but had most of the collateral. Wonder who this mysterious anonymous contributor is. Why didn't this person pop up before now if Casey's Constitutional rights are so grossly violated? But I guess poor little Caylee didn't/doesn't have anyone looking out for her rights. I guess her where abouts aren't as important as Casey's.
I have a hard time talking about this case without the emotional overflow oozing out and spilling unfavorable Anthony responses everywhere.