Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cindy Anthony Nixes Equusearch

Guest Entry by Ritanita

~Cindy Anthony

Last night, on Nancy Grace, Cindy Anthony told viewers that she didn't want people out searching for the remains of her granddaughter, Caylee. Her reason? Caylee is alive! Yes, folks, Caylee is alive and walking and breathing despite the proven presence of a decomposing body in her daughter’s car.

To prove her point, she stated that the reason for the low turnout for Tim Miller's Equusearch group was that the vast majority of people believe Caylee is alive and it is a waste of time to search for a body.

A sad and defeated-looking Tim Miller also appeared on the show and stated that he's ready to pull out of the search. Ever the gentleman, Tim avoided saying that the Anthony family has been totally uncooperative in the search. It was finally Nancy Grace who told it like it was.

He went on to say that there were so many other cases out there where he could be of value.

As Cindy went on and on with her sick, twisted rationalizations and the same old stories we've been hearing for so long, my internet buddies had quite a few pithy comments:

Kitty Malone said:

I want to snatch her bald!!! Her haircut is even getting on my nerves now!! She is SO obnoxiously mind-boggling!

I cannot believe her. I am so MAD right now! I'm tired of this BS that she says "there's certain things I can't reveal about these people who have Caylee" - Okay, WELL THEN HOW THE F IS ANYONE SUPPOSE TO LOOK FOR THESE PEOPLE IF WE DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ETC!!!!!

This is just unbelievable. Never have I seen anything like it. She's sick. I'm sorry she lost her granddaughter, but she's got MAJOR ISSUES!

Misswasabi added:

...and she said Caylee peed in the playhouse - that's why the dogs hit on it.
Now she's a Urine & Feces nurse in addition to being a Decomposition nurse.
What a LOON.

They call this guy to help search - and now they don't want him to search!!!
They don't want him to find her BODY. They should make T-shirts for that!

Our own Sprocket had this to say:

Oh for the love of god!!!! Someone put a cork in her mouth!

I just finished watching NG. Tim is between a rock and a hard place. He doesn't want to offend the family, but he realizes he can't do anything here. That's my opinion.

And, as I said in regards to Tim Miller:

He is such a wonderful person and gives his time and efforts to so many that need him. I'd bet he's never had a family treat him like this. Oh please! Do this in spite of this awful family. They may not want Caylee to rest in peace, but there are a lot of us who do.

For the full transcript from Nancy Grace, use the link below.


Thank you Ritanita, Kitty Malone, Misswasabi and Sprocket!


CaliGirl9 said...

Cindy Anthony=Scott Peterson.
Cindy's mom=Jackie Peterson.
In every single book I've read about the Laci Peterson case, Scott and his family said the police were "looking for Laci in all the wrong places" and were wasting their time looking for her in the SF Bay. Even when Connor and Laci popped out of the bay and washed up on rocky shores, the Petersons denied until the DNA tests proved otherwise.
The Anthony family has taken lessons from Jackie & Lee Peterson and their "golden boy" Scott. The house of cards will topple, it's a matter of time.

Melin said...

The new T-shirt should read: "Maybe you will find me .. maybe you won't. Maybe I'll find you"☹✝

Anonymous said...

LOL, Did I really say "I want to snatch CINDY bald? LOL! I guess I was really PISSED! Actually, I still am...and I'd STILL like to snatch that woman bald and SHAKE some FRICKIN' SENSE INTO HER! She COULD HELP WITH THIS CASE! But every turn she finds a way to hinder it! WHY?