Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Circus Continues at the Anthony House

Just when you think things can't get worse at the Anthony house, they do. There was another altercation involving Cindy and George Anthony and the protesters outside their house early Thursday morning. George Anthony is demanding justice! How forkin' funny is that? During the rukus, a protester attempted to drag George off his property and Cindy came to his rescue wielding a baseball bat. You might think you were watching an episode of The Twilight Zone, or even bad reality TV, but you're not. It's on the morning news. All you have to do is tune in first thing for the latest antics at the Anthony home the night before.

If Casey was still in jail and her parents would stifle themselves, this level of crazy probably would not be happening. I think for the public safety, Casey's bond should be revoked.

Before this latest debacle, OCSO have been to the Anthony home over 40 times. The amount of time officers are spending on missing Caylee is affecting other cases before the court. What is sad is that the Anthony family has lost their focus. It's no longer on Caylee.

The 911 Call
A surreal moment in time. Casey Anthony calls 911. Who would have thought? donchias says, "She finally figured out how to dial 911."

Partial transcript of her second call:

Casey: "There are protesters still outside of our home. We already called about an hour and a half ago and it took officers 30 minutes to get here,"

"The protesters are now banging on our garage door and they've still been throwing things at our windows and our garage and now the media is here. My father is going outside and there is going to be a fight. So, please can you send people down here? There is now a physical altercation. You need to send vehicles immediately."

911: "It is getting physical?"

Casey: "Yes, it's getting physical right now."

911: "You see them physically fighting?"

Casey: "Yes, I see them physically fighting. We have surveillance."

911: "OK, do you know if there are any weapons?"

Casey: "I don't know if there are any weapons. I know that my father is outside and so is my mother. So, send as many people as you possible can." (Casey conveniently doesn’t mention that her mother is carrying a baseball bat.)

911: "And, who is this?"

Casey: "They need to be arrested because this can't keep happening. We already had six or seven officers out here for almost 45 minutes and they did not do anything. And they are the same punks that were out here all night throwing stuff at our house." (Notice how Casey avoided telling the 911 operator who she was. I think Casey would fall into that “punk” category herself.)

911: "OK, stay on the line with me.”

Casey: "I absolutely will, but they need to hurry up. They were…they just left not that long ago." (Gee Casey, you want LE to cooperate with you, but you won’t cooperate with them. Hummmm.)

911: "The police officers left?"

Casey: "The police officers just left at about 1 a.m. A media van just pulled up and that is when all of this started happening," Anthony said.

911: "About how many people are out there?"

Casey: "There are at least a dozen people and now two media vans. And there is actually more people walking in from across the street." (I watched the video and I can see where Casey does tend to embellish the facts. The six individuals on the video became over a dozen. donchais says, “Well, it is Casey’s version of the truth.”)

911: "How many people are actually involved in the altercation?"

Casey: "Channel 2 news has everything on tape already.

911: "How many people are involved in the altercation?"

Casey: "There are at least a dozen people. My mom is out there now spraying people with the hose. My father is…they are trying to get them off the property. They are also trespassing on our property." (In the video, it’s George, not Cindy.)

911: "Is it still happening?"

Casey: “They are still standing on the property. Yes, they are out there recording it."

911: "So, what about the physical altercation? Is it over?"

Casey: "It's already over, yes.”

911: "So, it is no longer physical?"

Casey: "It is no longer physical. But it was already physical. It's the protesters."

911: "Who are you?"

Casey: "I'm the resident. We have everything on tape, thanks to channel 2 and also our home surveillance." (Resident lunatic. Notice how she still avoided telling the 911 operator who she was.)

911: "Was there any weapons involved?"

Casey: "Not that I can see, no.” (Again, she avoids telling 911 her mother is carrying a baseball bat. I did not see a single protester with a weapon on the video.)


Case: "This needs to be taken care of immediately. Both of my parents were hit by the protesters." (A woman did grab George’s shirt. Cindy might have been pushed.)

Officers finally arrive at the Anthony home.

Watch WFTV video here and WESH video here, and tell us what you think of this latest episode of “Growing Up Anthony.”

Kitty Malone says, "Crazy...just crazy!!!" But it's ritanita who expresses what we all feel: "Wish we would get some real news! All this protester stuff is a waste."


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Suzi said...

Casey has a right to bond, that's not in dispute. However, you're correct. This is a public safety issue. The Casey's should go to the court, request a change in Casey's bond, and go STAY somewhere else. Go to a friend's home, go out of town, just get the heck away from their house. However, that would be too sane, for this trio. They love this stuff and going outside with a baseball bat, just adds more fuel to the fodder.

Lisa said...

There isn't a single Anthony family member in denial. They are in cover up mode, perhaps some more than others. With listening to the police tapes I wish they would have asked "When you dropped Caylee off with the nanny, or the last time you saw Caylee was she alive?" because Casey could have left her with someone she trusted (brother? friend?) but that doesn't mean Caylee was alive at the time. Casey really might not know where her daughter is because whomever she intrusted her daughters' body to placed it some where. And when this all comes to trial...and it will, the only people that will purjure themselves are the Anthony's.

Anonymous said...

This is so CRAZY!! I can not believe she is not back in jail as 2 times now there have been "weapons" on the property...her dad conveniently hid his gun in the spare tire of his car, and her mum wielding a baseball bat!! I just can not believe they do not hall her ass back to jail. I guess the baseball bat is not technically a weapon but again...CASEY LIED, "NO WEAPONS INVOLVED"!! How ironic that she is phoning and DEMANDING help but when CAYLEE went missing not a PEEP until MUMMY DEAREST threatened to hall her ass to jail for THEFT. Why oh why are they not pressing charges like she threatened in the first 911 tape..."I need my daughter arrested for grand theft auto and for money theft". Why back down? Do they not understand if in Jail she might "CRACK" so the Anthony's and the rest of the world may have closure. Poor little Caylee. Last night Mr. Padilla (bounty hunter) said he thinks Lee (brother of Casey) might be in on some of this HENCE why he IMPLORED his mum and dad to not take lie detector tests. Well my question...why not if you say you had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Well you see Lee would PURGER himself as he "LIED". )Can those kids do nothing but lie?) You see Lee told the Sheriff he had not SEEN or SPOKE to Casey since June 9, 2008. WELL GUESS WHAT!! He is on her phone records quite a few times on the key days in question and after!! So that constitutes a, yep you guessed it, LIE!! So I guess the story is starting to come full circle...MR. PADILLA I think might crack this or be pretty close!! The "half truths" are starting to add up to nothing good for Casey, Cindy, George or Lee. Good on them. Insisting Caylee is still alive when FBI evidence points another way. I am sorry but I am a parent and if my kids were lieing I would not be bailing them out of jail, they could rot until they told me the truth. They need to play some tough love and get her back to jail and press the charges they were going to in the first place. That is really where this all started...Casey lied to avoid the theft charges from MUMMY DEAREST. Yes I agree she has the right to bond but as we all can see something serious is going to happen with Casey out on bond. MUMMY DEAREST best behave or her ass will be the next one behind bars...then maybe mummy and daughter can exchange stories!! Casey has said she is PETRIFIED of MUMMY DEAREST...I think that is how it will get solved as well. Have MUMMY DEAREST breathing down her neck and see how far she will get now that evidence has come to light. But the Anthony's are not allowed to talk to her about CAYLEE. SAD, SAD, SAD.

My last thought is I think Caylee is maybe not able to be found. They are saying with all the swamps that are inhibited with alligators she might have been food for one of them. Sad to say or think of but a very real scenario. I wonder what is up with the bones they found? Wonder if they come back with Caylee's DNA? Seems the Sheriff's are up to something with heading to Cali to talk to the bounty hunter. Also some witness that was with Casey when out the first time can not be questioned. Wonder why? Wonder what Mr. Baez knows? I think he is over his head HENCE why he keeps trying to get everything stopped or thrown out. I think he must know something but I guess being with "SEX ADDICT" Casey for hours everyday that must be a GREAT WAY TO BE REPAID FOR YOUR HARD WORK.

I just hope JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL FOR CAYLEE. She is the one who did not deserve to be in the situation she was put in. I know she is in the world's hearts and prayers.