Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did Casey Anthony Chloroform Her Child?


That's the question on every one's mind today. Last night, several news outlets as well as the Nancy Grace show reported startling new evidence was released by a source close to the investigation that "significant levels" of chloroform was detected in the trunk of Casey's car. In addition, web sites with information on chloroform and how to use it were found on Casey's laptop which was seized from her parents home when she was first arrested in July. This is pretty damming evidence against Casey that she was involved in the disappearance and apparent death of her child.

Leonard Padilla said there would be bombshell revelations and if this latest information is true, it qualifies as a big one. Up to this point, most bloggers and Internet posters have voiced opinions that whatever happened to Caylee was probably the result of an accident or negligence and that Casey did not intentionally kill her child. All that has change with this latest revelation.

Chloroform is a chemical compound that has many uses as a reagent or solvent and is also considered an environmental hazard. Chloroform was discovered in 1831, and first used as an anesthetic in 1947. The medical community went back to using ether when chloroform's toxicity and ability to cause sudden cardiac arrhythmia, also known as "sniffer's death" was discovered. 98% of the Chloroform produced in the US is for the production of R-22, a refrigerant that is scheduled to be phased out of use over the next ten years. Chloroform falls under the Controlled Substances Act and the FDA banned it's use in all drugs and cosmetics in 1979.

One has to wonder how chloroform could have ended up in the trunk of Casey's car, since it's not a substance you can easy purchase. With a little searching I found that chloroform is one many chemicals that is used in the illegal production of methamphetamine. If Casey was involved in the production of meth, or obtained chloroform from meth producers, it would explain many things especially her lies and behaviors. I don't know what the answer is at this point, but it's a pretty good bet the OCSO knows.

This morning bail bondsman, MacConald Bail Bonds again has posted Casey's bond for the new charges, however, Casey's attorney was not aware of it. It appears this posting was not necessarily done as a gesture of support for Anthony. From my understanding, once a bond is posted the clock stops that records the number of days a defendant has served towards a potential sentence. This means that once a defendant is sentenced by a judge, they would have to serve their full sentence from that date forward.

Also in the news yesterday Cindy and George Anthony met with a local high profile, media savvy attorney, Mark Nejame, supposedly only to discuss issues relating to Caylee, and not Casey. It appears that Nejame will represent George and Cindy, not Casey to counter the negative publicity. It's too late Cindy. The damage you've caused is done and no high profile attorney can fix it. Cindy's latest communication to the press proves my point. She sent this email to WFTV news late this morning:
"Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller came to me under false pretenses. Both claiming their sole purpose to find Caylee alive. Tim Miller misrepresented his intentions, and is falsely accusing me of not cooperating with him, when it is evident his motives were to obtain publicity for his organization at the expense of exploiting my granddaughters disappearance. Tim Miller tried to discredit Kid Finders Network by falsely stating that they tried to pull out of the search for Caylee. Mr. Miller also claims that he spent twelve hours in my home with my family including Casey, when in fact he spent only a few hours total with me and minutes with Casey. This is an example of Tim Miller following in Leonard Padillas footsteps. Although I feel his organization has a purpose, his misrepresentation has tainted the efforts of so many people with good intentions. I would have expected Tim Miller to speak with me one on one, rather than me hearing him on Nancy Grace."

Can you believe this woman? She's like the energizer bunny. She just keeps going and going and can't stop herself. Someone, please, pull this woman's battery, stat! Cindy is her own worst enemy. Her statements to the press have turned the general public against the family which may be one of the reasons Texas Equusearch has had such dismal turnouts for volunteers. Readers, you can help keep the search going for Caylee. If you can't donate you time, you can make a donation to Equusearch. Blogger Missing & Abducted gives the details on how you can do that in this entry.

ritanita is about to explode. I'm fuming about the e-mail Cindy sent. How dare she say that crap about EquuSearch and Tim Miller! She's really pulling out all the stops to make him quit the search. I hope he gets his angry up at her and answers her on NG tonight! Not likely, but he'd better get a bullet-proof ego for what she's doing. It's too early in the day for all this stuff! I'm going to be upset all day and I need to save my upset for later!

donchais and I are upset about all the latest news, too, ritanita! Special thanks to kathlb for the information on the bond posting.

Time Miller, founder of Equusearch responds to Cindy Anthony's latest rant:

"This is about Caylee, period, the end," Miller said. "And I would hope, if something has happened to Caylee, I would hope Cindy would want us out here finding her body too. If Cindy wants us to stop looking for her body, guess what -- we are not going to."

Update 2!
This Friday, ABC's 20/20 will cover the Casey Anthony case. 20/20 will air never before seen photos and video tapes of the family as well as show an interview with Casey's former boyfriend.

Update 3!
Here is the latest update posted on the OCSO website:

CAYLEE ANTHONY UPDATE #11 September 4, 2008

Volunteers needed for Caylee Anthony Search

The Sheriff’s Office continues to receive invaluable support from the Texas EquuSearch team that has come to Orlando to assist in the agency’s effort to locate Caylee Anthony. The agency continues to receive calls from citizens wanting to assist with this ongoing effort. Texas EquuSearch and the Sheriff’s Office are seeking volunteers to participate in searches for the missing three year old on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (September 5, 6, and 7). Volunteers are asked to meet at the search command center at 6317 TPC Boulevard before 8:30 AM. Volunteers will be given maps of the area and assembled into search teams. The daily searches will continue until dusk/dark.

We also continue to receive calls in reference to the specific nature of evidence recovered during the course of the Caylee Anthony investigation. As has been the policy during the course of this or any ongoing investigation being conducted by this agency, the Sheriff’s Office can not and will not provide details regarding the specific nature of criminal evidence it has recovered or expects to recover during the course of the investigation.

We will endeavor to provide you with the most recent and up to date information on this case immediately as it becomes available. Whatever information in released throughout the course of this investigation will ultimately be posted on the Caylee Anthony portion of the agency’s web site.

Captain Angelo L. Nieves
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Media Relations
Office 407-254-7346

Update 4!
WFTV reporting that two bonding agencies, Macdonald in Kissimmee and Joe Von Waldner of Orlando are working together to post Casey Anthony's $500,200 bond. Casey Anthony could be released tomorrow. Can someone answer for me why would these bail bondsmen fork out all this cash for this poor excuse for a human being? Why should Casey be out on bond? She doesn't deserve to be out on bond!

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shari said...

This whole thing just keps getting wierder and wierder. If Cindy believes all her rhetoric....come forward with the so called unreleased info she keeps harping about and give searchers a clue as to where to begin searching for this child. Casey should do the same. This is the most outrageous bunch of people spinning the most blatant bunch of crap I have ever seen. Mark NeJame (the Anthonys new lawyer) is not exactly what I would pick for a spokesman. Can you say "Media Whore"???? He is an "in your face" obnoxious attorney. My humble opinion! I sure hope OCSO has some really good evidence in this case so the Anthonys will finally have to face up to the facts of their daughters lies, unfortunately at their granddaughters expense.

whimsical brainpan said...

It almost sounds like it's Susan Smith all over again.

I hope they find the girl and she gets justice.

donchais said...

I can't take much more of this story!

Why in the name of God is she being bailed again? "The individual posting the bond prefers to remain anonymous and is doing it because of the belief that Ms. Anthony`s constitutional rights have been grossly violated." What rights were violated?

And Cindy's "under false pretenses" slam at Tim Miller? Well, I can't put into print my thoughts on that!!!!