Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family of Beheading Victim Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Tim McLean, Sr., is the lone plaintiff in a lawsuit filed on behalf of twelve other family members against Greyhound Canada, the police, the Canadian government, and Vince Li for his son's brutal death.

The suit claims Greyhound passengers were not adequately safeguarded by Greyhound or responding law enforcement.

In a formal statement Tuesday, Jay Prober, counsel for the family who filed the suit said, "This lawsuit is not about money. It's about accountability, responsibility for what happened to their son. It's about getting answers, so that his death might not be a total waste . . . that there might be some good to come out of it." No one from McLean's family were present at the press conference.

The lawsuit is filed under Canada's Fatal Accidents Act.

A major issue of the suit is why law enforcement waited over five hours to apprehend Vince Li, during which time he mutilated and ate parts of Tim McLean's body.

A long-haul trucker, Christopher Alguire who came to the aid of the Greyhound bus passengers and faced off with Vince Li on the bus has publicly stated that police could have immediately stormed the bus instead of waiting for hours for Li to try to exit the bus.

Alguire and another Greyhound driver who stopped to help the terrified passengers, forcibly held the doors to the bus closed, trapping Li inside until authorities arrived.

Last week, the Winnipeg Free Press reported that Tim McLean's mother said the family had "serious questions about police conduct," and wondered why police waited so long to react.


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