Monday, September 15, 2008

The Legal Edge

I'm very happy to say Michel Bryant's site, TLE is up and running this morning!

For those of you who haven't been able to access the site it was due to the fact that what you were seeing was just a place holder.

Michel and crew have worked very hard to do this for all of us trial junkies out here and it will be terrific to have trials the way we want them!

So, thank you Michel and you know where I'll be for OJ!



Suzi said...

Hi Sprocket! Do you know anything about the courtroom scene? I live in the Bay Area and have tentative plans to visit LV on business in @ 3 weeks. I'm thinking about including a visit to the court but concerned that I'd NEVER get a seat. Thanks.

katfish said...

Thanks Donchais! I am able to watch the trial on TLE now but I'm still having problems signing in so I can chat. :-(
I sent an e-mail to customer service today.

donchais said...

Glad you can watch! I let Michel know about the problem earlier.

Not too shabby a beginning for them though!