Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lifetime Denies Movie Deal for Casey Anthony & Family

Breaking news: 540 WFLA is reporting that Lifetime Network denies there was ever a movie deal on the table.

WFLA: Orlando's ABC network, WFTV Channel 9, reported that sources close to them confirmed to them that the Anthony's recently claimed that Casey's attorney is purposely trying to create drama in the case.

However, Lifetime Movie Network's Director of Corporate Communications, Gary Morganstein, said there was never a deal on the table.

"That report is not true. We are not developing a movie based on Caylee Anthony. I can't comment on an anonymous source that I know nothing about," Morganstein said. "All I can tell you is that it is not true."

Morganstein also added that the deal had never even been discussed with Channel 9.

Interesting that Lifetime felt it important enough to come out and make a statement. Greta Van Susteren reported the alleged movie deal on her blog last night but now it appears that Marke NeJame and Lifetime are in agreement. No movie deal.

Meanwhile in other news, Zenaida Gonzalez, the woman OCSO tracked down as the possible "nanny" Casey Anthony said took her daughter Caylee, is suing Casey Anthony for defamation. Her attorney, John Morgan says Gonzalez has been threatened and the accusations by Casey and Cindy Anthony have ruined her reputation. John Morgan, of the well respected Morgan & Morgan, believes that he might be able to go after the Anthony family home since Casey lives there and Cindy Anthony has made various statements to the press, mentioning Gonzales's name.

Meanwhile, audio recordings of several interviews were released today by OCSO and WFTV has some of them up on their site already.

July 29th Lee Anthony Interview Audio Recording

July 23 Jesse Grund Interview Audio Recording

July 31 Jesse Grund Interview Audio Recording

Let us know what you think! Special thanks to ritanita for all the updated story news and recording links!

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Anonymous said...

Does the "real" Zanida Gonzoles (sorry for wrong name spelling) also go by Zanida Fernandez-Gonzoles? As far as I know this hasn't been brought up and Casey said to make sure to look for someone by that specific name.

Sprocket said...

As far as I can recall, the OCSO has investigated over a dozen individuals with that name.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are that all the crazy people are coming out of the woodwork to add their part to the "news" that isn't news. So many "leaks", "information from unidentified sources" and such, that I don't even pay attention to it unless it comes with a name and badge number or it is directly from the attorneys (and then I listen carefully for reality).

Reading blogs and such - there is a ton of misinformation. Today I read several shocking discoveries that are not true - but were posted by someone with a silly name (of course mine here is anonymous how much sillier could you get). Then those goofy discoveries were followed up by posts from people who took it as honest fact and ran with it in a frantic and unhealthy manner.

It is rather odd to me how people are so willing to believe anything without even thinking about it.

As for Ms Gonzalez suing. My gosh, will attorneys do anything for a dollar?? I don't see how she has a case. So her name is the same as the one used by Casey. Casey did see a picture of her and said she wasn't the ZG she left Caylee with. The police questioned her and cleared her. So obviously it wasn't her that was being talked about.

Cindy hasn't slandered ZG - she has just repeated that Casey said ZG took the child.

I don't know Florida law - but isn't Casey an adult and as such not a legal responsibility of her parents? Just because she lived at home doesn't, in most states anyway, make the parents legally responsible for what she does.

Besides, I want proof that she has been so severely damaged. My reading and listening tells me that most do not believe that their was a nanny named ZG - so why, given that, would thousands of people be harassing this women for killing the baby. And would an employer really fire someone over a name - it just sounds fishy. Or Florida is a lot worse that I thought. Well, they did have hanging chads and all that chaos a few years ago - maybe it is a place of great strangeness. (okay, my humor isn't so hot).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any where there is a report or tape where Casey listed the children's names?? The attorney claims she listed ZG's children's names and also identified the exact car she drives.

I don't recall the names of any children in what I listened to and have read. I think this lawyer and his client are trying to cash in where there is no cash. And to take the house - it is already being used for the bond. And then there are attorneys to pay and on and on. This poor family will be super poor once this is over - ZG or no ZG.

shari said...

I live in Orlando and the Zenaida that is suing has lost her job, no one else will hire her also, she lost her apartment and now lives in a motel with her kids, has received threatening phone calls etc. The childrens names were on the Sawgrass Apartment "prospective client" form. She is now trying to return to Puerto Rico. OCSO thinks that somehow Casey saw this info at the complex while visiting friends there. This woman has suffered damages from this whole fiasco. Casey couldn't identify this woman from a photo lineup nor did Zenaida recognize Casey from one. This was just another lie that Casey used from a few facts she picked up and ran with. As for homeowners insurance....that would cover anyone living in the home, including damages from children and/or pets. And the hanging chad reference is getting a bit tiresome

shari said...

Please go to to see links to any and all text messages, computer pictures from Casey's computer, interrogations and the court papers that were filed by .."yes" ZENAIDA FERNANDES(Z)-GONZALES(Z)

Anonymous said...

The one big whole in Ms. Gonzalez' name being picked up at SawGrass from her card is that the name was used back in 2006/7 when Casey told her fiancee's father that she had a babysitter/nanny named by that name. That was way before that ZG went to Saw Grass to apply for an apartment.

As for her claims - are they fact? I would love to be able to talk to her old boss - was this just a good reason to get rid of someone he wanted to get rid of any way. As for losing her apartment - does the owner or manager support that as the reason?

Just cause she says so doesn't make it so. She, I think, has seen a possible way to cash in on something and is going for it - right or wrong.

Also - My home owners covers a lot but not slander by any living here. There's might - but I think that is a long shot.

And sorry for the hanging chad ref. But you got to admit there is some strange news that comes out of Florida at times. And the actions and all of OCSO, the media in Orlando, and the people mobbing the home are just a bit of it.

You may live there - but that doesn't make any of it less fictitious in regards to ZG's claim. LE checked out how many Z.G.'s - are they all suffering like this?? Are they all going to get to sue?? I sure hope not. I think that if any one is giving this lady trouble it isn't because they believe she did anything wrong to Caylee - since most don't even buy there was a ZG to take the child.

shari said...

I guess none of us are ever going to know "all" until this goes to court. I also believe that there is a lot of "strangeness" in this whole case and the protesters really make me ill. Zenaida Gonzales is only asking for $15,000 in damages...she was a hotel maid I believe before all of this. So I can't see where anyone would think she is trying to "cash in"..The whole family of Anthonys don't behave in any normal manner that I can tell, so is it any wonder that Casey is a mess??? I would have to re read Jesse Grunds statement about Zenaida...I don't remember him going back that far in time about a nanny. Casey does seem to pick up tidbits, names and places and fabricate stories out of who knows. ANON, you ought to be an would be great at questioning LOL Enjoyed the chat with ya. It's too bad we couldn't all get together and go over and chat about all this without having to type...

Anonymous said...

I think all the Anthonys need to be told by their attorney to take the lie detector test. Or how about someone hypnotising Casey?
If she is innocent she won't mind taking either one.

George and Cindy are really disrespecting their granddaughters memory. By not seeing to it that Casey does as much time as possible how can little Caylees little soul ever rest in peace.

I won't see any movie they make or buy any book written.

and I feel that anyone who does is just the same as the Anthonys. If you contribute to their cause you contribute and condone what Casey has done.

Anonymous said...

The only important item is to find Caylee and bring her home, alive or dead. The rest of the Anthony's can rot in hell.