Thursday, September 11, 2008


OJ Simpson

Well folks, it's a go! Just a few minutes ago KFI 640 just reported that a jury has been selected in the OJ Simpson case. Two black individuals have been seated as alternates. The twelve jurors appear to be white and possibly some mixed race individuals. Judge Glass ordered all jurors back to court tomorrow. Looks like Monday morning we will have opening statements.

Be sure to check out Michel Bryant's The Legal Edge for gavel to gavel coverage of the OJ Simpson robbery case.




katfish said...

I have not been able to get onto The Legal Edge. Looks like they're having some problems. I wasn't even able to contact them. Don't know what's up with that. Anyone else having problems??

Sprocket said...

As soon as donchias gets up, I'm sure she will drop Michal a line.

ritanita said...

I have it bookmarked and it opened just fine for me.

katfish said...

the home page comes up but I can't get anywhere on the site.
I signed up very early on with the legal edge, but there seemed to be no record so I tried to re-sign and that didn't work either. I realize this isn't your problem, but if are in contact with them perhaps you can pass it on.

Nick said...

All white jury!!!! Ahahahahaha! This couldn't have been scripted better if it were a Hollywood movie. I'm guffawing, really, I am. Have you ever heard of karma? What goes around comes around? This is it.

Liz said...

I'm having problems - I managed to get in once - after waiting and waiting & got a video explaining what would be happening - tried to register & that was the last time I could get anywhere with the site.

Would love to have good coverage of the trials again, so hope it will be available