Friday, August 10, 2007

Getting Noticed

Just a short entry for now, as I dive into working all weekend to get completely caught up on my trial notes before Monday morning.

Imagine my total surprise when I finished working on clients today, to find an email from none other than Edward Lozzi, Lana Clarkson's publicist. Here's an excerpt of his letter to me:

Sprocket Blog,

You deserve to be in all the meetings!

I may have met you. I was in the courtroom for most of June and a few days in July. I was asked to write a 4 part series OP-ED for the Westside Chronicle.


I use your blog to catch up on the details. Thank you.

This media advisory below is one of many sent out over these past four years to the media. I consider you media as should Alan.

But now I am just pissed off at the legal process even though I knew for years that our angel Lana was going to be trashed and presented to the jury as responsible for her own death. I hope this jury has a brain and good old fashioned common sense. I'll be in the courtroom next week.

Regards, Edward Lozzi

This past weekend was an even bigger shocker. I picked up the September issue of Vanity Fair, and saw that Mr. Dunne had mentioned me as his "courtroom friend." Thank you, Dominick.

The LAist blogger Carolyn Kellogg
, has a great photo essay of the reporters covering the jury field trip. Check it out.

Over on the Court TV Blog by Harriet Ryan, in the entry titled "On the scene," that's my backside in the center of the photo, standing to the left of Carolyn Kellogg. This was a perfect photo of me, since I am so camera shy.