Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Rolling Stone Interview with Michael Bay

One of the trail watchers, Tom Del Bosque (who actually went to the same junior and senior high school I did in Pompano Beach, Florida; small world), brought a print out of a May 29th, 2001 interview Rolling Stone Magazine did with Michael Bay, and shared it with Dominick. Although no mention of Lana, it's pretty interesting.

A few excerpts:
His current girlfriend is named Lisa, and she's a professional golfer, and she is, he says, "Fucking hot!'' Generally, he doesn't like to go out with actresses - "The actress vibe is a little too neurotic for me'' - and he's not big on money-grubbing freaky chicks, either. "This one girl, I went out on two dates with her,'' he says. "She called me up, goes, 'I was wondering if you could help me with my BMW payment.' I said, 'Excuse me?' And she goes, 'Well, like, I'm sure you have a lot of money.' And I go, 'Yeah, I got a lot of money, but you know what? I would never give it to you.' ''


Not that Bay really cares who his real parents are, but when he was twenty he thought it might be interesting to learn a little more about them. "I was going away to school,'' he recalls, "and I'm literally thinking, 'OK, gotta pack this, gotta pack that, wouldn't it be cool to find out who my parents are?' ''

He went to the adoption agency, and the agency lady said, "I really think you should try to meet your dad,'' and Bay said, "I just want to meet my mom,'' and when he did meet her, he found the experience "weird, weird'' and "interesting, interesting.'' Eventually, he began wondering about his real father and who he might be. He knew his dad was some sort of Hollywood big shot; for a while, he figured it was either Sydney Pollack or Clint Eastwood. Finally, someone told him it was John Frankenheimer, the legendary director of action movies and thrillers, among them The Manchurian Candidate, Grand Prix, Black Sunday, Ronin and, most recently, Reindeer Games. Who told Bay it was Frankenheimer? "I got it out of my mom, I think,'' he says late one afternoon in his office. "Anyway, it's now this big rumor around Hollywood.'' He drums his fingers on the chair. He drums them some more. He says, "It's interesting, I guess.''