Friday, August 3, 2007

Raul Julia Levy Complains to the CA. State Bar Assn.

Raul Julia Levy appears to have filed a formal complaint against Alan Jay Jackson, one of the prosecutors in the Phil Spector Trial. I guess Mr. Levy was not happy that he didn't get to tell is bullshit story about Lana Clarkson to the jury, and has stooped to rebut the accusation that he is a con artist with his own charge against Mr. Jackson.

Still looking for your 15 minutes Mr. Levy?

Update: 11:15 am
The posters on the Court TV Phil Spector forum are under the impression this recent web posting is all a spoof, and that there has not been a formal complaint filing with the State Bar.

The "real" Salvador Alba Fuentes speaks on youtube, to clear up any confusion between him and Raul Julia Levy.

Update: 11:35 am
According the the California State Bar Assn., all complaints are confidential until charges are actually filed. Sandi Gibbons, spokesperson for the DA's office indicated she had never heard of it.

I've removed the link to limit Raul Julia Levy getting a public platform. There's no proof this youtube posting is the "real" Mr. Fuentes either.


upnorth said...

well it's a real shame that the PS forum on CTV is shut down AGAIN! CW said this is "not a chat room" and yet I believe it is! We chat about the trial and yes, sometimes it leads to OT talk. I'm sure people benefit from someone else's knowledge on other things. It's a given there will be disagreements, but nothing I see which would warrant a shut down of the boards. I will definitely be checking out those other links. Thank you for posting them!

Sprocket said...

I'm sorry but I don't have an answer for you. The Court TV forums is a big message board, and I'm sure it's a difficult job to manage such a huge place, with thousands of members. Hopefully, it will be opening soon, so we can discuss the case!