Monday, August 20, 2007

Testimony we'd love to see

A poster on the Court TV forums asked if Mrs. Spector could be called to the stand to get Phil's story out as to what happened on the night of the murder.

Not everyone is aware that Mrs. Spector has been married to the accused for less than a year, and was not present on the night Lana was killed. However, many of us would love to see how Rachelle would do as a witness, and thanks to Court TV member kellabeck, we have a window into what that direct testimony would be like. This is just a parody readers. Mrs. Spector has not been called to the stand.

ROSEN: How do you wish to be addressed?

CHELLE: Schmoopie.

ROSEN: I can't call you Schmoopie. I'll call you Ms. Spector.

CHELLE: Mrs. Spector.

ROSEN: Mrs. Spector. Just pull the mic toward you like a telephone. And this is not like a normal conversation, Ms. Spector. You have to wait until I finish my questions before you can answer otherwise Diana cannot do her job, okay?


ROSEN: Now, Ms. Spector. You've been married to the defendant for almost a year now?

CHELLE: Since September.

ROSEN: And in all that time, has he pulled a gun on you?

CHELLE: Well, I haven't tried to leave.

ROSEN: And he hasn't killed you, has he?


ROSEN: Pass the witness.

Thank you kellabeck! Priceless!


Mort Snerd said...


The pain of laughter!!!