Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rachelle Short's "Ha-ha! fooled-you moment

I finally had the chance to fully read Steven Mikulan's latest piece at the LA Weekly. All I can say is, again, Oh mother of God, what goes on in the head of Mrs. Spector? At 26 years of age, this chicky wife must still think she is competing for the junior high prom crown.

I was in the hallway when everyone heard Rachelle invite K to a party, and made it clear by saying in a loud voice that she wasn't going to invite "some people." Mr. Dunne standing right behind K, thought the comment was directed at him and openly said so in the hallway. Back in the courtroom, another reporter told me that they had also been invited to the big event. I asked, "Will you go?" The reporter replied, with a bemused expression on their face, "I can't even accept a cup of coffee from someone I'm interviewing."

It wasn't until I read Steven's piece that I found out Rachelle had sent her husband's bodyguards on this teen aged errand of bogus party invites to selected reporters and trial watchers. Months ago, I had heard from another reporter that the bodyguards hate Rachelle because she sends them on menial errands. I would also add the word "embarrassing" to describe those menial errands. This could all be just some whisperings because I have no idea if the bodyguards like Spector's wife or not. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they really do hate her.

Where in the world does this child think she is every day? I thought some of her outfits were in bad taste and that her hair needed serious attention, but this is just shake your head in disbelief, what in the world behavior. Is there no one on that defense team, or even those that might be directing things behind the scenes, that can get it through Spector's head that his wife's outfits and antics outside the courtroom are not helping his public image? This new wife is looking more like a liability verses an asset. In some ways, I'm not surprised because this defense team has never appeared to work as a cohesive unit, clearly lost without a strong leader or direction. That was never more apparent than when the Judge ruled the defense had intentionally violated California discovery law, again, when Dr. Baden, at the 11th hour, tried to make a hit to first base for the team with his "ah-ha" moment on the stand that it was quite possible Lana Clarkson's spine wasn't completely severed by the fatal shot. Afterwards, in arguments to the Judge, it appeared to me that other members of the team were throwing Chris Plourd under the proverbial bus, trying to disassociate themselves as quickly as possible from this latest, blatant violation. I can't imagine Spector is too happy with Plourd either.

I am eagerly waiting for next Tuesday morning to come, because this defense team never disappoints. With their clown act pratfalls of continually opening the door for the prosecution to present even more damaging evidence against their client, I plan to be there to report on the next "I can't believe they did that" moment.

Update: Saturday, August 18th, 3:20 pm
Steven Mikulen in his latest piece described Dr. Baden on the stand as looking like Captian Kangaroo. One of the Court TV members, Sedonia Sunset, did a side by side comparison. Steven was right on the money with his description!


Mort Snerd said...


If lawyers wonder why they have such rotten public acceptance, they only need to view the Harvey Phillip Spector trial to see why the public sees them as slime. I have grown to be totally disgusted Mr Rosen, Plourd and Brunon. Of course this is only MY opinion but I do not want to examine them or get too close to see if there is any mold or mildew growing on them. The KTLA coverage has not shown Rachelle in all her glory but I gather, that is my good fortune.

Keep breathing fresh air into this travesty of a defense. You, 'dini and CCA rock my socks!


Unknown said...

Sprocket, I read your rAChelleSpector blankie description at CTV. Ugh.

PLEASE tell me that that the dang thing is cashmere and not fleece. How gauche!!

Kudos on the VF/DD credit. Well earned! Keep up the great work.

eta: Upon reflection, RS fleecing seems so appropriate.