Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's called "FREDOM OF THE PRESS" Mr. Rosen, & Two deadly sins: Sloth and Envy

Thursday, August 16th.

Updated 3!
When I arrived on the 9th floor, ~having driven to court so I can take dini to the airport tonight~ Ciaran, Carlton Smith and Dominick are already there. Dominick was on the phone getting his next story fact checked with his editor. One of the camera operators comes over to where I was sitting next to Ciaran and Carlton to say hello. I then see K, enter my line of vision and ask to speak to the Judge's clerk, Wendy. Two of the people I was with later said they clearly overheard K speaking to Wendy saying, " was a conversation among the 'women' sitting near Dominick Dunne." I did not hear this, I just observed K speaking to the clerk, turn and point her finger at me, then turn back to face the clerk. I instinctively knew, this wasn't good. Who knows what else K embellished the story with. Inside the courtroom, dini is already in her seat. When I sat down next to her she told me, "I just overheard K say, I now know what it's like to be a celebrity."

Before the jury is brought in, I am stunned, shocked that the Judge singled me out and admonished me in open court. From what I remember the Judge saying to me, he was accusing me of discussing testimony and the jurors overheard it. He went on to rule that, if it happens again, I will not be allowed back into court, ever. I responded to the Judge with a single word, "Understand."

Throughout the rest of the morning session, I sat there in a frozen daze, trying to keep my tears from running down my face, feeling the sting of an envious, sloven harpy's retaliation. K sat there with an expression on their face, like a cat who just ate the canary.

I wrote a note to Dominick. What can I do? Because folks, it was clearly an outright lie. One of my seat mates ~sitting closer to the jury than I do~ later wondered, how could the jury have ever heard me say anything, when I'm sitting farther away from the jury than they are, and they never heard me say anything. Wendy approached the cameraman who overheard K's comments to her, and asked him if he heard it. He replied, "No." One of the reporters in my row said that there were trial watchers sitting behind us, who were clearly talking louder that I ever was.

Now, we know (because everyone in the hallway heard it yesterday) Rachelle loudly invited K to a party. Is K, Mrs. Spector's new "best, best friend" or did one of Spector's brilliant legal strategist's, (cough, cough) suggest this tactical move to K, of approaching the clerk? Or, could it have been one of K's other new "best, best friends," K has been chatting up with after yesterdays horrible intrusion at lunch. Well, it sure seems like one of these scenarios happened, because as you all know, at the first break Rosen stands up to whine about "someone covering the trial" (That would be ME!) was overheard by the jury making disparaging remarks about Mrs. Spector. Rosen says, "Remarks about Mrs. Spector's clothing were over heard by the jury." The Judge slaps him down saying, "I believe I already ruled on that." I was so upset, still trying to control my sobs, at the break, I left the court building entirely to clear my head. I told dini I was going fabric shopping in the garment district, and I wasn't returning to court. Outside, Rod Lindblum asked me where I was going, and I gave him a brief rundown on the events that happened yesterday and today in the hallway. He was trying to encourage me to stay, but I was too upset. I just needed to walk away and clear my head, and of course, call my attorney and give her the run down. Once she heard the whole story, she started laughing saying, "Betsy! Free speech. Hello? The National Inquirer. People Magazine. There's nothing this defense team can do to you. They can't sue you!"

I can't believe what I'm hearing. I've been in this trial about 90% of the time, and I've never realized that what Mrs. Spector was wearing was actually part of the trial testimony! I'm dumbfounded! What the jury supposedly overheard me say, could actually have an impact on the verdict! Do you want to know what it was, I whispered to dini about Rachelle's outfit yesterday? I asked her, "What would you call the color of that sweater?" dini replied, "It's a greige, hoodie three-quarter sweater." That's it folks. It is what it is. We already know that Rosen is spending Spector's cash like water, having his clerks print out and read my blog. Hellllloooooo Rosen! Have you heard of that little thing called the First Amendment? I would have thought you were aware of it, being an attorney and all. You never cease to amaze me though, with your brilliant trial strategy.

This defense team, unable to get Babydol and Raul Julia Levy on the stand, are now focusing all their high paid efforts on what this tiny little blogger is saying about 'gasp' Mrs. Spector's courtroom couturier, in an effort to get me ejected from court. Because you know, Mrs. Spector's feelings are pretty important as trial strategy goes. I wrote about the attorney's in the Melaine McGuire case, trying to use the writings of a Court TV poster (who attended that trial and wrote about it) as basis for an appeal. It was rejected of course. Bloggers are an easy target I guess, and Rosen, trying to spare the feelings of the delicate Mrs. Spector, made a buffoonish attempt to get me ejected from the courtroom. I would think he would be more concerned with his continually collapsing defense strategy, rather than focusing on the hurt feelings of the Playboy model wife.

K, envious of the friendship I have developed with Dominick Dunne, and unable to get him to drop everything, stop his life and write a BOOK about them, took their jealous rage out on me. It says volumes about who you really are K. I still can't believe this defense team would be so leaderless, that they would be spending their time and Spector's cash on this. With the other blunders this defense team has made, this is just icing on the cake. I mean, when you sit back and think about it, the absurdity of it is absolutely hysterical.

When I got back from shopping, I waited outside the courthouse for dini to come down, but the accused, the chicky wife and Mommy exited the building and walked right past me. As they all walked down the ramp, they each turned their heads and gave me the "death stare." I stared right back. It didn't work. I'm still here, blogging about this great defense team your hired. Soon afterwards, the Clarkson family came down the same ramp and gave me wonderful words of encouragement to return to court on Tuesday. I'll be there, just waiting to see what Rachelle pulls out of her closet next week!

Update: 10:15 pm
While I was driving dini to the airport, she was jogging my memory. Being Jennifer to my "pie" so to speak. dini said, "Sprocket, don't you remember, when you asked me about the sweater, you never mentioned Rachelle's name. You just asked me about the color of the sweater. It was obvious who you were talking about. And, when you spoke to me, you had turned your body so that you were facing the defense side of the room. Your back, was to the jury." I remember now. This is how it happened. What's interesting is, K was sitting on the other side of CCA, who was sitting next to dini, and K would have seen my face, and ask dini the question.

My previous entry has also been updated.

Update: 10:30 pm
When I installed a stat counter, I put it on invisible. I didn't think it was important to show the world how many people (or how few lol!) visited my blog. However, Thank You Defense Team, for pushing up my stat numbers! In my first few weeks of blogging, I had average daily numbers of well under 100 page loads, and even less unique visitors. Slowly, my numbers started to climb. On August 9th, I had my highest numbers so far. 1,039 page loads and 806 unique visitors. I hit a thousand page loads in a single day a few more times, but it wasn't until today that my stats went through the roof. I still have 1.5 hours more to go before the final tally, but today, so far, I've had 1,930 page loads, and 1,384 unique visitors. Not bad for just a little blog about fashion, and a few words here and there about the Spector trial.

Update: Friday, August 17th, 8:44 pm.

I finally had a brain fart, and reviewed my notes for Wednesday. Here are my rough draft notes, from relevant pages, before and after I made the note about what Rachelle was wearing.

Fidler is covering his face! to keep from showing he's laughing!

Sustained! You'd be sleeping on the couch for several months.

Obj! Sust! Calls 4 speculation!

ctroom erupts!

Isn't conflict of interest any intrest that has a conflict?

No, no!

Jury laughs~~

I'm a schmeiel compared to them!

After J asks you opinion competly independent of each other~~

# 8 & 9 look, smile, and whisper to each other

I think, The jury is really enoying AJ's cross

Now Baden states that backspatter in mouth is different than any other part of the body

I'm so rivited, I can't write much. I'm too mesmerized as to how AJ just keeps hammering away

Clerk comes in & hands Brunon a paper.


Towards the end of break, Phil/Rosen/Rachelle chat smile + laugh

smoke <--(I scratch that out) greige

sweater dress + black pants 3/4 length hoody pocketed sweater top

Back from break we wait.

AJ continues cross

Oh mother of God, lol! My question to dini occurred DURING THE BREAK! The sporkin' jury wasn't even THERE! WASN'T ME Judge! WASN'T ME!


Anakerie said...

Sprocket, don't let them get to you! I'm so glad you'll be there on Tuesday. I really look forward to your comments in your blog and in the message forum on CTV. If I lived closer to the LA area, I'd be there in the courtroom with you and the others who are there...

I am pretty curious as to who "K" really is, though... lol

Unknown said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you. My stomach went into a knot when JF started off with that reprimand. The whole court tv crew that "K" was behind whatever had happened. I am proud of you for staying as long as you did. I would have been a total mess! When RR had his little say, I was shocked.
I am so glad that you were encouraged by Lana's family. That is so sweet. I hope that Wendy tells the judge what really happened. He is already pretty irate with the defense team. Picking on the people in the gallery is another new low. This is the People's Court and you have every right to be in that courtroom! I am surprised that JF would fall for such a sleazy maneuver. He is sick and tired of all the shenanigans and it shows. I am so sorry that his rage fell on you, an innocent, today. Yesterday I swallowed my gum and sat up straight when he admonished the gum chewer.
Thanks so much for your posts. You are so wonderful to share your observations with those of us who cannot be there. Hold your head up and be proud. You have done nothing wrong.

Lilly said...

You go girl! You're doing a great job. We'll be prayiing for you.

Unknown said...

I've really been enjoying your work/observations and I'm glad to see you perservere. I love this quote by George Harrison, "Once we've seen beyond ourselves, we just might find peace of mind standing there." Some should take that to heart. -pop

Unknown said...

I am sorry for your bad time today, I was hoping it wasn't you this morning, but in my heart I knew after reading everything last night it was you.

Sprocket, you just can't do anything about people like that, they will never change. It's sad that nice people always take the blunt end of people with NO MORALS.

I sit here daily waiting for your updates, it makes my day. Some people are not healthy enough to attend the trial, so you blog is a blessing to us. Just remember you are the part of the world that makes life worth living, you are the good side of people. Please just ignore the bad side, it isn't worth your time.

BTW- I think she was mad because you didn't mention her name, I really think she wanted to be on yoor blog and was upset you didn't mention her.

Unknown said...

Sprocket, hold your head up high. This ain't China, and you can blog honest impressions as freedom of speech. You were targeted, as revenge for your views, your friendships, and your successful following of bloggers like me who look forward to reading your delightful insights, and honesty every day. You are a wonderful person, and while this experience was traumatic, I feel certain the judge knows the truth by now. He has to act on information, even if it's from a vicious and malignant source.

The defense team has sunk this low, and this poor wretched woman has nothing more elevating in her life but to pick on you. It's a flattery when you're persecuted for being a source of light. This woman is being punished by her constant misery and jealousy of you, as well as others.

You'll be able to tell this story with laughter soon enough. Don't you dare let them win, or silence you. They didn't need to silence you in the court in the first place, but, they certainly can't silence you on your own blog.

Unknown said...

Bravo Sprocket! I think you're awesome! I look forward to your blog as well as your posts on the CTV Message Board. Not a poster (CTV) myself, but love reading yours, CCA's and Dini's posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your firsthand court experiences with those of us who are hooked on this trial.

After what happened in court this morning I could not refrain from letting you know that you have a staunch supporter in Chicago ... and there are probably lots more out there like me who read but don't post! So hang in there Sprocket, you're a class act ... and far as what took place in court this morning is concerned, just keep in mind ... what goes around comes around ... Ms. K, Mr. & Mrs. S and all of Team Spector will get their just desserts.

Thanks again Sprocket!


Sprocket said...

Thank you so much everybody! Your support really means the world to me.

If I can tear dini away from the computer, lol, we're going to go have chinese food again! See ya all later!


Susan said...


Sounded like somethings that happened in Catholic grammar school of the 1960's - "called out on the carpet for totally benign behavior. We believe and trust in you. That is what matters Keep up the good work and remember, even Judge Fidler makes mistakes in identifying the true perpetrators of egregious court conduct. Write this one off to "mistaken identity".

Give D. Dunne lots of love from Ross, CA.

Anonymous said...

Sprocket you are doing a fantastic job of keeping us informed of the happenings of the trial. You are our eyes & ears for things that the large media outlets do not report upon. Since I am postive K & the defense team read here I will also leave a comment to them. K, your adolescent behavior of the past couple of days very plainly shows your extreme jealousy of Sprocket. Green is not a flattering color for you to wear. You have lowered yourself to the same category as the unethical, dishonest & desparate defense team except you are on the bottom of that manure pile as far as I am concerned.

dogbytes said...

sprocket ~ i just recently found your coverage of the Lana Clarkson MURDER trial, and anxiously await every update.

when i read the first parragraph of thedarwinexception's blog, i figured it was K getting the slapdown from the judge. my shock to find she had got YOU in trouble made me furious!

please continue to bring me your insights of this trial. you're awesome.

Ligita said...

Hey Sprocket! you posted:
>>I had gone to each board that had a discussion on Spector, and posted the same notes. I thought it would be much easier for me if I just started a blog, and linked to it at each crime forum.<<

And I LOVE IT!!! Keep on truckin' Sprocket! And "who" is this K??? Beotch!! LOL! I'll be leaving on vacation Monday, and won't be back for 3 weeks (and without access to the internet) )o: and will miss closing arguments - so I expect to get my information - everything here - and at Kim's Darwin Experience!
I'll have tons to read when I get back - and again...
Thanks for starting this blog, Sprocket!!

Sprocket said...

Thank you everybody! The overwhelming outpouring posts of support have meant the world to me.

I almost can't wait for Tuesday, so I can report on the trial, and most important of course, describe to everyone what clothing faupaux Mrs. Spector will make!

Thanks again everybody!

craigtamy said...

I'm so glad you said the defense is reading your blog!! I can let them know what a bunch of morons they look like and their idiotic strategy of smearing Lana's name. When all else fails, blame the victim. I am really disgusted by their obvious dirty tricks. Hang in there honey, we need more decent people in that courtroom.

Unknown said...

Don't be discouraged. Hold your head up - continue your fashion editorials of the "newly purchased" Mrs. Phil Spector. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Roger Rosen even bringing this up just just outlines his desperation with they way his team is defending the "little snake with a wig", Mr Phil Spector. It is totally apparent that the little snake Phil Spector is the puppet master - after all he is the one with all of the "Do Ron Ron" money. Someday he will get his day in hell and all of his money will be spent by his little wife and her new boyfriend…..

I read the Darwin Exception's blog on Mrs Phil Spector - it's priceless. She truly describes this woman. Thank you and don't stop blogging - it's a free USA. Thanks

StonesThrow said...

We all appreciate your efforts so much....please don't let some ne'r do wells stop ROCK!!

I'm going crazy trying to figure out who "K" and "W" are myself, but I applaud you for not giving them the dignity of an acknowledgement. "Revenge is a dish, best served cold" favorite line of all...and so applies here.

Love your blog so much, and thank you for making the trek to the courthouse every day and giving us the wonderful insights you do.