Friday, August 29, 2008

Casey's Struck Out Again!

Casey Anthony, rearrested.

Guest Entry by ritanita!

Casey Anthony Arrested Tonight During Protest in Front of Parent's Home.

The sight of Casey Anthony being led to a police car tonight was the culmination of two very tense days.

Thursday, August 28th:

A sheriff’s official announced that the air samples tested by the Body Farm indicated that a decomposing human body had been in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.

Cindy Anthony, accompanied by Tim Miller of EquuSearch stopped by the Orange County Sheriff’s office. She’d invited the group to search for her missing granddaughter.

Cindy went outside and hammered many "No Trespassing" signs into her front lawn while excoriating the press. She calls them maggots and a lot of other things. She defended her daughter and said that she had personally spoken to a guy who said that the car had no odor of decomposition. This is possibly the guy who stated to LE that he had a bad cold that day and couldn't smell anything.

Friday, August 29th:

Orange County State Attorney Lawson Lamar indicated to the press that the DNA evidence recovered in the case indicates that Caylee is dead.

Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez, managed to convince bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to allow Casey to remain out on bond for a while longer. Perhaps it was to get Casey to cooperate with the police in the location of her daughter.

The prosecutor’s office released e-mails which show that Baez had asked for limited immunity for Casey to provide Caylee’s location back on July 25. They’ve extended the offer until Tuesday, September 2.

Earlier today, George Anthony lost his cool and went after people sitting in lawn chairs on the public easement in front of his house. George's pastor had to separate him from the much smaller man.

A group of protesters picketed the house with their signs.

Tonight on Nancy Grace with guest host Jane Velez-Mitchell, a group of police cars pulled up in front of the house and one pulled up onto the lawn. Investigators entered the house.

Casey was taken from the house in handcuffs on live TV!

At a press conference later in the evening, it was announced that Casey had been arrested for forgery using friend Amy’s checks in a Target and a bank. The videos of these transactions showed that Caylee was not with her at the time. The bond for these offenses is $3000.

Because she was already out on bond, Casey will have to appear before a judge Saturday morning at 11:30. This judge may review her current bond situation and make changes.

YouTube Video Tribute to Caylee Anthony by sukirue

My Fox Orlando Live Web Cam on Anthony Home



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prompt and thorough update RN! Whew! It's been a day hasn't it? And OMG! I had no idea that there was video of Casey using Amy's bank card and that Casey wasn't with her at the time! I couldn't get the presser to load the news site. My, my, MY! I wonder if the grandparents will press charges now as well? I think the axe is getting ready to fall on Casey big time!

Sprocket said...

The story would have been up sooner but ritanita had to rewrite it due to the breaking news, and I was out shopping when the latest developments broke. We got it up as soon as we could.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Caylee tribute video on Youtube. Oh my, I haven't seen these precious photos of Caylee before. My heart is broken and my tears are flowing. What went wrong with Casey? She appears to have loved Caylee very much in these photos. I guess things don't always appear as they are. This is so sad.

Anonymous said...

This is such a sad case. And Casey seems to be devoid of feeling. In fact, she has seemed so from the beginning. Perhaps she is one of those people who cannot feel emotion for anyone but herself. I try not to judge her, but it is very hard with the mountain of evidence against her. As a mother, I cannot identify with her at all.

I wonder if the police are taking her in for fear that she might on her own or with help from her family, try to escape. My heart goes out to the family, but surely they know their daughter well enough to know how she "feels or does not feel" emotionally.

God bless them all, but mostly little Caylee. It may be that she is in the better place. Being raised with a mother who can be so devoid of empathy for her own baby might be worse than going back "home" to the other side.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the value of the protests. I guess it seems like the little girl is still missing and if people have some time on their hands, why not help look? This at least would hopefully provide some productive help. Doesn't America have a system where judge and jury evaluate facts and determine guilt? This seems to be almost like based on whatever they've heard, people have decided to assume this role. I really hope the little girl is ok (somehow) and my heart goes out to the family.

Having been through the situation of a missing family member I can appreciate how hard it is. Not knowing and trying to speculate is awful. And I know due to the interest/commentary we all kept our "public" faces on - the tears and emotion came out later (and in private).
Without judgement, a prayer for the Anthony family and friends as they cope with this horrible situation.

Unknown said...

so happy I found this blog I remember you from Court tv forum. ?? I posted as gogo.Jayne M. has got to stop hollering, and being so doggone dramatic. Wish she would report like a normal anchor and stop her freaking shouting. about nothing. again, glad I found you.

Sprocket said...

Hi Gloria, welcome to T&T! donchais and I are glad you found us. We will be covering this case until it ends.

Anonymous said...

If Homeland Security wants to escort Casey Anthony to Gitmo for s discreet question and answer session, I'll be happy to go along as a witness. I'll even spel lthem while they're on a break.

It's time to stop playing with this pyscho broad and tighten the thumbscrews. Let's get the truth already.

shari said...

Thanks for the updates folks. Living here in O'town I get them, but others elsewhere may not. To anonymous, I agree about the protesters. It accomplishes nothing and feeds the flames of emotions that are already at an all time high. Still, there are searches going on even if Cindy wants to claim there aren't. I am sure the family is aware of Casey's personality deficits. No one wants to admit their daughter is capable of harming her own child but there comes a time to face reality and not continue clinging to fantasies. Very sad for all! Thanks guys...

Anonymous said...

I watched Casey lawyer belittle the cops saying it was all about the press and how it its about finding Cylee. How many stories as Casey said where Caylee is??The nanny took her, she was kidnapped and there being watched, and then Friends have her. With this large reward, there has been know news. The Grandparents love Casey and want to believe her but with the proven lies shes told and the DNA THEY NEED TO TELL CASEY TO TELL THE TRUTH.I feel for the grandparents and uncle the pain that they are haveing because of Caseys LIES

suesue said...

I watched Caseys Lawyer statement saying the cops only arrested her at that time for the press,he said that it about finding Caylee, how many proven lies has Casey told where Caylee is?? The Grandparents and Uncle love Casey but its timed to tell Casey to stop the lies and tell the TRUTH about Caylee.. The Pain they are going truth is awful, it just shows how cold hearted Casey is!!!

Tezi said...

Thanks for this story. I have been working and haven't had any time to read or watch TV. I think the grandma needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Did she not say her daughter was a sociopath? Or a psychopath? Seriously, this family really needs to face facts.

I am glad Casey is in jail, hopefully, the judge will refuse to let her bond out this time.

Anonymous said...

Casey's mom is on meds. She's a nurse and her demeanor drastically changed from being 'frantic' (as any grandparent WOULD be) and accusatory of her daughter, to more sedate, matter-of-fact, and stoic. It is so infuriating. Her stoicism should be replaced with fury for the life of her granddaughter. She is living some fantasy lie that her daughter has told her, some twisted, ungodly lie, and now she goes around telling others (such as Nancy Grace) how she 'plays up' her daughter's bar-scene photos 24/7. Well, the grandmother needs to realize her grandbaby is never coming home, and that her daughter is a psychopathic liar. She just isn't interested in uncovering the truth; she'd rather believe the lies her daughter tells. If her daughter WERE the babysitter, then would she believe she were taken out of thin air? No. She would be in prosecutorial mode. But because it's her own daughter, she has taken some meds to calm herself down, and I really hope Casey faces the death penalty if she had anything to do with her daughter's disappearance. How could you NOT know where your 3 year old kid is? It's ludicrous.

Sprocket said...

I'm sure everyone has read the latest news: Orange County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that hair found in the trunk of Casey's car came from a deceased Caylee.

Dr. Michael "I don't know what conflict of interest is" Baden has stated that criminalists can tell if hair came from a live or dead individual. There is something that occurs at the hair root after death that is visible under a microscope. This does not happen to hair that is removed from a live individual.

Ever since this story first broke over a month ago, I believed this child was dead. Now it's been confirmed, and it's a tragic end for this little angelic looking child.

My prayers are with the grandparents who will have a difficult time accepting the fact that Caylee is no longer alive.

Anonymous said...

We need more protesters!
More pressure needs to be put on Casey to tell LE where her child is. God knows her family isn't putting enough on her and in fact is giving her scantuary. Thousands of people could put in thousands of hours looking for Calee and still likley find nothing.