Thursday, March 13, 2008

Investigation at Haut de la Garenne Slowly Moves Forward

Investigators are continuing the painstaking search of the second chamber. The chamber which was opened on Monday is 3-times the size of the original chamber that was searched. The first chamber is where blood spots and shackles were found.

A sniffer dog had a positive reaction when sent into the second chamber, however it’s reaction was in an area very near the first chamber.

It now appears that Scotland Yard will be lending assistance to the investigation.

Teletext notes:The detective leading the Jersey care home abuse inquiry is traveling to London to seek advice from specialist officers at Scotland Yard.

Deputy police chief Lenny Harper said the home will continue to be treated as a major crime scene, and added the operation may become a murder inquiry. But he said there is no firm evidence that a murder had taken place at the Haut de la Garenne building.

Senator Stuart Syvret Blog had an interesting quote: I quoted Bob Dylan at the rally on Saturday, but right now a different song of his encapsulates how I feel:

“Mother, wipe the blood from my face
I can’t see through it any more
I need someone to talk to and a new hiding place
Feel I’m knocking on heaven’s door.”