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Brief Synopsis:
This coverage is about alleged child abuse that occurred at a former children’s home in St. Martin, Jersey. The small island of Jersey is a British crown dependency off the coast of Normandy, France.

March 2008
03/04/08 Decades of Horror Haut de la Garenne
03/05/08 Decades of Horror Haut de la Garenne II
03/06/08 Decades of Horror Haut de la Garenne III
03/06/08 Decades of Horror Haut de la Garenne IV
03/07/08 Decades of Horror Haut de la Garenne V
03/08/08 Child Abuse Scandal Widens Haut de la Garenne Horror
03/09/08 Arrests May Be Imminent in Huat de la Garenne Abuse
03/10/08 Second Horror Chamber to be Opened
03/10/08 Simon Bellwood and Haut de la Gareen Child Abuse Scandal
03/11/08 Second Secret Chamber at Haut de la Gareen
03/12/08 She Vanished And Was Never Seen Again
03/13/08 Investigation at Haut de la Garenne Slows Moves Forward
03/14/08 Child Abuse Probe Continues
03/15/08 More Sinister Finds at Haut de la Garenne?
03/15/08 States of Jersey Paying Off or Running Scared?
03/16/08 Just When You Thought it Couldn't Get Worse
03/17/08 First Person Charged in Haut de la Garenne Scandal
03/19/08 Advisory Group's First Visit to Haut de la Garenne
03/21/08 Haut de la Garenne Scandal Spreads to Guernsey?
03/22/08 HdlG to Remain Closed - Victims May Seek Compensation
03/25/08 Additional "Punishment" Rooms at Haut de la Garenne
03/26/08 Public Inquiry Into Haut de la Garenne?
03/27/08 Investigation Causing Tempers to Flair
03/29/08 Work on Second Haut de la Garenne Chamber Complete
03/31/08 Some of Jersey's Secrets, Not so Secret Anymore

April 2008
04/01/08 Were Warnings of Abuse Simply Ignored?
04/03/08 Haut de la Garenne and Continuing Cover-Up
04/06/08 More Remains Found at Haut de la Garenne
04/06/08 Skull Fragments from Haut de la Garenne
04/15/08 Haut de la Garenne Case Adjourned
04/16/08 Mysterious Pits at Haut de la Garenne
04/18/08 Bloodstained Items Recovered at Haut de la Garenne
04/19/08 HdlG Must Remain the Scene of a Possible Murder
04/22/08 Children's Teeth Recovered at Haut de la Garenne
04/24/08 Lead Investigator in HdlG Stepping Down
04/29/08 New Arrest Not Directly Related to Haut de la Garenne
04/30/08 Man Charged in Jersey Rape - Things Heat Up at HdlG

May 2008
05/03/08 Jersey Evening Post Takes Swipe at Stuart Syvret
05/04/08 Truth is Coming Out About Haut de la Garenne
05/08/08 HdlG - It's Not Just About Child Abuse
05/09/08 Jersey Child Abuse Investigation & JEP
05/10/08 Jersey Bailiff Uses Speech to Whine About Abuse
05/11/08 HdlG, Jersey Politicians & The JEP
05/12/08 Former HdlG Warden Appeared Before Magistrates
05/12/08 JEP Finally Publishes Something Worthwhile
05/13/08 HdlG - Teeth And Bones & Phil Puts Foot in Mouth Again
05/16/08 Sixth Tooth Found at Haut de la Garenne
05/17/08 Jersey Treachery Repeats Itself
05/19/08 HdlG Skull Fragment in Question
05/21/08 Was There Murder at Haut de la Garenne
05/25/08 Jersey Police Hopping Mad, And Rightly So
05/27/08 Lenny Harper Strikes Back
05/28/08 More Finds at Haut de la Garenne
05/29/08 Spend a Half-Hour With Lenny Harper
05/30/08 Teeth Come From Two Children
05/30/08 Third Arrest in Jersey Abuse Scandal

June 2008
06/01/08 Charges Made in Latest HdlG Arrest
06/02/08 Sex Crime Registry Called For in Wake of Jersey Abuse
06/02/08 A Plea of Guilty Entered in JdlG Abuse Scandal
06/03/08 Will Jack Straw MP Intervene in Jersey Abuse Scandal
06/05/08 Additional Teeth Found at HdlG
06/09/08 HdlG Warden in Court
06/11/08 More Teeth Recovered at HdlG
06/12/08 Latest Arrest in Jersey Abuse Investigation
06/13/08 Haut de la Garenne Suspect Released
06/19/08 Police Recover More Teeth at HdlG
06/24/08 Additional Arrests in the Jersey Abuse Scandal
06/25/08 What Is Going On In Jersey?
06/26/08 Jersey + Justice = Joke!

July 2008
07/01/08 Adjournment in Jersey Abuse Case
07/07/08 Magistrates in HdlG Abuse Scandal - A Joke!
07/09/08 HdlG Investigation Leads to Second Location
07/13/08 HdlG Worse Than Imagined
07/15/08 HdlG The Debate Rages & Lenny Harper
07/22/08 Jersey Abuse - UK Labor MP Calls for Inquiry
07/24/08 HdlG Abuse Bunkers Yield Evidence
07/29/08 Michael Aubin Remanded in HdlG Abuse
07/29/08 Human Remains Verified at HdlG

07/31/08 Stuart Syvert on Confirmation of Human Remains at HdlG

August 2008
08/01/08 HdlG - Jersey Abuse - Can Justice Be Served?
08/03/08 The UK Played a Part in Haut de la Garenne
08/05/08 Former HdlG Warden Hit With New Charges
08/09/08 Jersey Abuse Victims - Why Are People Not Being Charged?
08/14/08 HdlG DCO Furious & Senator Syvret
08/16/08 Will the High Court Intervene in HdlG Scandal?
08/22/08 Harper Slams Jersey's Handling of Abuse Scandal
08/23/08 The RAG on Haut de la Garenne & Syvret
08/26/08 HdlG Victims Being Victimized Again?
08/26/08 Not Just Harper Mad About HdlG
08/27/08 Is Justice in Jersey A Cruel Joke?
08/28/08 Haut de la Garenne - commentary
08/29/08 Jersey Abuse Scandal Gets More Scandalous

September - October 2008
09/10/08 Walker, Harper and the Guernsey Press

09/18/08 Jersey Abuse Victims Interest Has Been Sacrificed
10/23/08 Why Aren't We Moving Forward?
10/24/08 More Players In The Mix

10/24/08 Two Men Charged With Sexual Abuse at HdlG

November - December 2008
11/12/08 Smoke and Mirrors in Jersey Abuse Scandal
11/12/08 Jersey Police Chief Suspended
11/13/08 Smackdown of Jersey Police
11/14/08 Justice Served Up the Jersey Way
11/15/08 Howard League Report on Jersey

11/16/08 Harper on Jersey Child Abuse Scandal
11/17/08 Ignore, Spin, or Just Make Outlandish Statements
11/18/08 Jersey - Starting to Shake Off the Apathy?
12/05/08 "You'll Never Take Me Alive Copper!"
12/10/08 Florida's Own Haut de la Garenne?

12/16/08 Jersey Christmas Speech & Senator Syvret

12/18/08 Harper & Power Set Up as Fall Guys in Jersey
12/30/08 Harper on the HdlG Investigation

12/31/08 Bailiff's Christmas Message - Final Swipe at Harper

January - June 2009
1/13/09 HdlG - Not the Only Crime in Jersey
1/22/09 Dishing Up the Goods on Jersey
03/26/09 Justice For Jersey? High Court Mistrial
04/06/09 Senator Stuart Syvret Arrested!

04/19/09 Lenny Harper on Jersey Corruption

04/20/09 Suspect to be Charged With Eight Additional Counts
05/12/09 Michael Aubin Pleads Guilty!

05/15/09 Jersey Establishment Went Too Far?
06/04/09 HdlG Victims Abused Again by Jersey
06/24/09 Meting Out Justice in Jersey

July - September 2009
07/05/09 Jersey - The Ultimate and Final Betrayal
07/08/09 Another Outrage In Jersey

08/12/09 Wateridge Described as a Sexual Bully
08/20/09 How Bad Is It In Jersey? Pretty Damn Bad!
08/22/09 The Jersey Establishment and JEP
09/06/09 Lenny Unleashed - The Jersey Way
09/08/09 Lenny Harper & Irresponsible MSM
09/21/09 Jersey Finally Sentences "The Perv"

Donchais continued the Haut de la Garenne coverage on her blog, Calls for Justice. To read her stories in chronological order, go to her archives and start with the first month, March 2010. Sprocket.