Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Sinister Finds at Haut de la Garenne?

Deputy police chief Lenny Harper has said a sniffer dog has reacted to the scent of human remains near the entrance of a drain in the second chamber. The drain runs from the shallow concrete bath located in the first chamber.

Police are concentrating on searching the drains for human remains based on what they have been told by former residents of Haut de la Garenne.

Forensic examination of the second of four cellar rooms, are continuing and officers have removed floorboards and joists from the room above to make access easier.

Harper confirmed that "items" had been discovered in the second chamber, but said it is too early to say whether they have any sinister import.

Police would not elaborate on what the new discoveries were.

In the meantime, Lenny Harper was at Scotland Yard meeting with specialists who have had experience in major investigations such as the one being conducting at Haut de la Garenne.

Scotland Yard has already been providing assistance with the investigation.