Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Second Secret Chamber Opened at Haute de la Garenne

With the opening into the new chamber, the sniffer dog was sent in and had a positive reaction.

Police are advising caution in drawing conclusions because the area the dog reacted to is in close proximity to the area of the first chamber.

Sky News reports: "As soon as they were able to take up the flooring above the second chamber, a dog specially trained to detect human remains and blood was sent in.
"The animal showed a positive reaction.
"It means that forensic teams will have to go about their work very carefully.
"We believe the second chamber is three times the size of the first so it will take some time to search."

Again, one has to wonder how many hands are dirty in this story?

As we have already learned, former officers who left in recent years following the corruption allegations are conducting a smear campaign against detectives leading the investigation.

Several national newspapers have received a letter or email aimed at discrediting the inquiry.

A former officer has approached a politician connected with the allegations and warned him not to trust or cooperate with detectives leading the investigation.

So, the question we keep asking is, “Where does all this lead and where does it end”?

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