Friday, March 21, 2008

Haut de la Garenne Scandal Spreads to Guernsey?

DCO Lenny Harper has received information from a former resident of Guernsey alleging abuse.

The information has been sent to the Guernsey police, which has it’s own police force. Guernsey Superintendent Ian Morellec said the incident, which happened more than twenty years ago, bears aspects that require further scrutiny.

According to the Telegraph: The alleged victim did not claim to have been abused in a care home, said Mr. Morellec, who added that it would be "inappropriate" to go into details about the nature of the allegation or whether it related to physical or sexual abuse.

The scandal in Jersey has been threatening to spill over to other Channel islands since Carl Denning claims to have been abused at homes on both islands.

Guernsey police may be faced with investigating claims of cover-up and corruption, just as in Jersey.

The allegations of abuse in Guernsey are likely to fuel a campaign currently being waged on the island for the introduction of a freedom of information law.

Mike Torode, the island's Chief Minister, has said such legislation would be "very complicated and very expensive".

But critics point to the alleged cover-up at Haut de la Garenne, suggesting that if the public in Jersey, which also has no such laws, had the right to ask questions of the relevant authorities the alleged abuse might have come to light much sooner.

The question I would ask the Chief Minister is, should this not be pursued because, “such legislation would be "very complicated and very expensive"?

What about victim’s rights?

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