Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Additional “Punishment” Rooms at Haut de la Garenne and Senator Syvret Takes Off the Boxing Gloves

In the past week or so, news has been slow coming out of Jersey about the on-going abuse investigation, however DCO Lenny Harper has acknowledged that two additional “punishment” rooms will be investigated.

Once the forensic investigators complete work on the second chamber, they will move to excavating the third chamber. The third chamber is said to be similar in dimensions to the second chamber, but the fourth may have less headroom then the previous rooms.

Additionally, Harper told the BBC: “we have received evidence from another victim over the last few days which tells of abuse in one of these two new rooms." "A number of items have been recovered from cellar rooms one and two, which tend to corroborate the statements of victims." Mr. Harper could not say what the items are as they may lose "evidential value" if the details are published.

As to the remains found at the site, tests are inconclusive, but it appears they were placed there no earlier than 1920.

Syvret takes off the boxing gloves!

As you know, we have great admiration for Senator Syvret and his no-holds-barred efforts to expose the complicity of the Jersey press and politicians to deny and ignore claims of years of abuse in the child care system.

In recent days, he has begun providing names and details of the actions by several members of the establishment and it all reads like a grade B movie plot!

Elections in Jersey will take place in November and I believe Syvrets’ taking off the boxing gloves is totally appropriate at this time. Hopefully the citizens of Jersey will answer the wake-up call and have the strength to end the years of complacency that have gripped this island.

From Syvret’s blog: But in addition to the blog - I am to begin uploading a variety of information and reports onto several campaigning websites based in other jurisdictions. So, with luck, the truth will receive an even wider audience. This approach will, of course, also have the added advantage of placing the dissemination of the truth in the hands of those who will champion it - quite regardless of whatever oppressions you and your child-abuse-concealing judicial cronies may visit upon me.
Syvret’s blog is an amazing read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for facts and further information.

Haut de la Garenne players of note ~

Bailiff Phil Bailhache - The Bailiff is appointed by the Crown. He presides at the Royal Court, and takes the opinions of the Jurats, elected lay judges; he also presides over the States, and represents the Crown in all civil matters. During the 70’s and 80’s he was the Governor of the Jersey Home for Boys (Haut de la Garenne)!

Attorney General William BailhacheBrother of Philip Bailhache, Bailiff of Sates of Jersey.

DCO Lenny Harper – Lead investigator of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal. From Northern Ireland, Harper is considered an “outsider”. He has received personal threats and has seen attempts to interfere with the on-going investigation.

Senator Wendy Kinnard - Home Affairs Misnister, Kinnard was nominated to her position by Frank Walker. She originally supported the sacking of Senator Syvret, but quickly became invisible when she realized how explosive this scandal was becoming.

Senator Philip Ozouf - Minister for Economic Development. What the financial fall-out the scandal means for Jersey remains to be seen.

Senator Stuart Syvret - Has served in the Senate since 1990 and as Minister for Health and Social Services from 2005-2007. Syvret blew the lid off the Haut de la Garenne cover-up.

Senator Frank Walker – Chief Minister. Former, managing director of the Jersey Evening Post (JEP), the Jersey rag.