Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Very Spector Christmas & Trying to Remove the Judge

Readers have been asking me if there has been "any news" on Phil Spector. There has been some, but nothing earth shattering. Mr. "Killer taste in blonds" and Rachelle were spotted by TMZ at some red carpet event a while back. Phil has been ranting a bit on the Team Spector MySpace page, but since the web page was set to "private" last year, the general public has been spared his recent tirades. Phil did ramble on quite a bit about who to vote for in the next California democratic primary, as well as again professing his "innocence" by way of all the paid hack experts he hired. (I'm pretty certain it was Phil himself ranting since it lacked Rachelle's comma after every single word style of writing.)

What I will share are some photos for your visual enjoyment. Special thanks go to steffenyb for passing these images along. Check out how Phil Spector spent this past Christmas. This first image recently appeared on the MySpace web pages of Phil Spector and Marky Ramone.

Spector Birthday/Christmas Party, 2007.
From left to right: Dan Kessel, Marky Ramone, Phil, David Kessel.

The party was at that rundown heap of a "castle" out in bum~fork Alhambra. Here are some other photos from the same party on Steve Escobar's MySpace page:

Steffenyb said, "I wonder what they are taking a picture of... What's up with the sunglasses?"

I don't find it surprising that Spector would hold a party and decorate the area where he killed Lana Clarkson.

Gee Phil, did the little bought-and-paid-for child bride pick out those suspenders for you? It probably was her idea of a fashion statement. Or, were you channeling Fire Marshal Bill?

This photo on Escobar's page is just labeled Phil, me, 2007.

I saved this gem from Escobar's page for last. This scary picture was supposedly taken in 2005 at Spector's engagement party. The one he probably had to throw after Rachelle stomped her feet and slammed a few doors until Spector relented.

Here's what donchais said when she saw these photos, "Phil does look like a wax figure from Madam Trousseau's!" I think she's spot on. It's almost like someone picked up Phil's wax figure from the Trousseau's Museum and set it down beside Escobar. Doesn't it seem to you dear readers, that in every photo Spector looks like a deer caught in the headlights?

The other thing that surprised me was the fact that Rachelle wasn't in a single photo. Did Escobar refrain from putting up any photos with Rachelle; fearing the horrible sight of those horse-sized chickets she's got? Did Spector have to pay Rachelle to take the party photos and sell cigarettes and roses from her tray?

Many people have been asking me why Spector round deux is taking so long. It has always been my belief that the one-and-only reason Spector kept Chris Plourd, the "science expert" on the team for round deux was to delay the trial.

Right after round one ended, Chris Plourd was committed to two trials; one starting right after the other.

One is in San Diego County (that defendant's name is Brown or Browne) and the other case is in Imperial County. If those cases stay on course and there are no delays, the earliest Plourd would be available for trial is sometime in August.

If I'm remembering correctly, the month of September was mentioned as a more "firm" date of when Plourd would be available.

So, just having Plourd on the team gave Spector a legitimate reason to present to the court, a delay beyond the 120 days Fidler demanded for the retrial.

Fidler did make a point to say at one of the post-trial hearings, when Spector was still in negotiations to hire Weinberg, something to the effect of, the court wanted to make sure that Spector got the attorney that he wanted and Spector felt confident with. Something like that.

So, keeping Plourd on the defense team accomplishes another delay. It is hard to believe that Plourd is the only "science expert" attorney that Weinberg and his co-counsel could find. I know the co-counsel is a woman; unfortunately I can't tell you how I know that.

Recently, The Press Association reported that Spector's defense filed a 44 page motion to get Judge Fidler removed from the case, citing unfair bias. This latest move smacks of Phil directing Dennis Riordan and his hired assassins. Just sounds like a move he would make since we've already seen him controlling his defense team and ranting in the press that Fidler doesn't like him.

I remember when Bradley Brunon, in open court, actually accused Judge Larry Fidler of putting his hands on the scales of justice. By the volume of Fidler's response, you could tell he was livid with that accusation.

It will be interesting to see the court's response to this latest motion. I remember many discussions during the trial, among the accredited press, talking about how Judge Fidler has the lowest reversal appellate cases on record.

Anybody want to go to Madam Trousseau's and light their Bic to the little trolls' wick? Donchais has graciously donated her lighter. Instead, we ask you to go light a candle, for Lana.

The next pre-trial hearing is March 28th.


Anonymous said...

It's scary how downright ghoulish PS looks in these photos. The monster who lurked under our childhood beds and in our closets is alive and well and dwelling in the run-down castle on the hill. I shudder to think that his face was the last Lana Clarkson had to see before he shot her. I pray her eyes were closed.

katfish said...

They should all rot in hell!

kellygreen said...

There's an easy way to get JF recused from PS-II.

During PS-I, didn't Rachelle/Team Spector enter a post on her/their MySpace Page threatening the judge?

All their attorneys have to do is submit a statement to the court that says: "Yep, JF, Rachelle was serious when she threatened your life." With that admission the court would recused JF. But I don't see that admission coming anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

It is shameful for you to judge Phil Spector when you don't even know him. I watched the entire trial and feel very confident in saying I believe he is innocent. He and Rachelle have been through so much already, and it seems no one is interested in doing anything but say incredibly scathing things about them both. Grow up people! And here are a couple of other things you should remember: 1) In this country you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around, and 2) "Do not judge, or you too will be judged"-Jesus(Matthew 7:1.

God bless Phil and Rachelle!


Seth said...

Just a question, I thought PS was Jewish, no? Why is he celebrating Christmas?

donchais said...


I also watched the entire trial. Nice thing about this country is everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As for poor Rachelle and Phil, I wonder if you also ask God to bless Lana and her family.

Your post was no less judgmental than anyone else's!