Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Decades of Horror - Haut de la Garenne II

In a bizarre twist in this tale of evil, several of the “hot spots” being searched on the grounds of Haut de la Garenne may actually be mock graves dug for a scene in the BBC detective series, Bergerac.

While this certainly hampers the investigation, the reports: the field would have to be dug up so police could be certain none of the areas of disturbed earth was significant, even though officers now know there is almost certainly an innocent explanation for the "hot spots".

Fears several may have been murdered at the Victorian building were prompted by the discovery last month of part of a child's skull buried under a concrete floor.

More fragments of bone, which had been burnt, were found in the same location on Monday. They have been sent for scientific analysis to check if they are human remains.

Police have found four bricked-up cellars at the building where alleged victims have described being taken to be abused.