Thursday, March 20, 2008

Darren Mack Civil Judgement: $590 Million

What a settlement! No amount of money ever can replace the loss of a loved one.

CNN.Crime, In Session's Jean Casarez's Sidebar report:

NEW YORK – The jury has spoken – in fact, it has yelled loud and clear in the civil case involving convicted killer Darren Mack. An eight-person jury in Reno, Nevada, awarded $590 million to the estate of victim Charla Mack, which includes her only daughter, Erika.

It remains to be seen if the estate will get any of the funds. Darren Mack claims he couldn't even pay his lawyers.

In the end, the jurors decided that Mack must pay $375 million in punitive damages to Erika. Jurors also awarded $185 million in compensatory damages which included grief and sorrow, loss of companionship and society and damages for Charla’s pain, suffering and disfigurement before death. The Estate of Charla Mack was awarded $30 million in punitive damages.

As for the defense, well, there was no defense case presented. The lawyers informed the judge there was no money to pay them.