Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9-11-01 – I Remember

Another anniversary - I weep tonight as I do each year.

My husband worked in the second tower, 95th floor. I worked for Reuters International a few blocks away. My brother in law - a few blocks away for an international bank and my husband’s nephew and new bride had an apartment a few blocks away from there. We all shared the horror of 9-11.

In the Tri-States area, we have bazillion military facilities. Each day, each year, we have amazing activity around 9/11.

What I remember most is the falling of the towers and the absolute silence for the next few days. No aircraft, no singing birds…dead silence. Smoke…so much smoke from the smoldering remains of the towers.

Seeing video so untenable that it was etched in the psyche.

My friends were there…they saw the bodies jumping from the towers and a few are so damaged from what they witnessed, they have no hope of recovery.

It happens every anniversary- weeks of military air and sea craft build up. Weeks of knowing, thankfully, we keep watch.

Please, never forget what happened and please honor those brave folks and families that suffered so much for freedom and democracy!

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katfish said...

Thanks for this post Donchais. I didn't have any loved ones near or in the towers or the pentagon but I will forever remember this day and those who lost their lives or someone they loved. My Father (who passed in April 2002) and I talked at least 20 times that day.I was on the road and he kept me informed.I don't know...I feel close to him when I think of that day.Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I remember and I will never forget. Thank all of the hero's of 9-11-01.

Nick said...

I remember it well, too. I was in 10th grade French class. We were just leaving and I was going to US History when it happened. I thought it was a joke or something or some little plane had flown into the building. As I walked into US History class, I saw the second plane hit the second tower. I was seeing US History taking place before my eyes. I knew then it was no joke or rickety plane that had hit the towers. I knew these were deliberate acts.

Sprocket said...

My niece was opening the door to World Trade 7 when the first plane hit. She had the day off, but decided to come to the office with her husband to pick up some papers. They went inside the lobby, then ran the many block home.

My sister and her mother, was on a plane out of Boston that morning. For the next three hours no one in our family knew if she was on one of the doomed flights. She was not. She was flying home to Florida, and her plane was grounded in Virginia. It took her forever to rent a car there, and drive home. It took her four days.

Even the thought of 9-11 brings tears to my eyes for all the people lost.