Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cesar Laurean Investigation Documents Made Public

~ Cesar Laurean Under Arrest

Onslow County Superior Court Judge Charles Henry has unsealed documents, which provide a clearer picture of Cesar Laurean’s movements after the body of 20-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child were found in a fire-pit at Laurean’s home.

Investigators had believed that Laurean used his father-in-law’s Trailblazer to transport Maria’s body. Photographic and testimonial evidence indicates that Laurean was seen driving the vehicle on December 14, the last day Maria was seen alive.

A search warrant deposition statement shows detectives found a newspaper dated January 9, hair and fibers, a receipt and a possible blood sample in the vehicle.

According to Capt. Rick Sutherland of the Onslow County Sheriff's Department, "We are confident we know where Maria's body was from the time she was killed until her body was recovered."

Laurean is from Las Vegas, but was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He and his family moved to the U.S. over ten years ago.

Maria had accused Laurean of rape and the FBI said that he had told members of his Marine Corps unit that he would flee to Mexico if it appeared he would be found guilty of rape.

The FBI believes Laurean entered Mexico under the alias Armando Ramirez on a bus from Houston, Texas. Investigation of Laurean's home computer found research about Mexico, purchasing land in Mexico and finding a job in Mexico.

The Sheriff's Department also learned that someone accessed the Laureans' joint bank account from a computer using an Internet service provider based in Mexico City.

"This same IP address contacted a personal account of the wife, Christina Laurean, and logged into that account," according to the newly released documents.

Laurean was captured in Mexico back in April and is currently awaiting extradition. The extradition process could take a year or more.

The unsealed documents may be seen in full here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket! Love keeping up with you on all these trials!
You mentioned that Neil Entwistle's murder trial might be live streamed by CNN. When the time comes - can you POST that link for us?? Also, if you can post the live stream for Spector's case??
I'll be following both trials here with you!!
Thanks again!

Sprocket said...

Hi Niner, nice to hear from you again.

As soon as T&T hears something, we will definitely put up links for everyone.