Friday, May 9, 2008

Jersey Child Abuse Investigation and the Jersey Evening Post

Very little of what I have read in the Jersey Evening Post properly acknowledges or addresses the abuse scandal or the shocking cover-up by those in authority. Not only does the "rag" downplay the scandal and ongoing investigation, it seems to try and poke Senator Stuart Syvret anytime it can.

Oh yes, let’s not forget JEP used to be run by, none other than, Senator Frank Walker!

JEP gleefully ran a story that Syvret had knowledge of the McGuire situation in 1999, based on a copy of minutes from a Health and Social Services Committee meeting. JEP pretty much insinuated Syvret “lied” about when he first became aware of seriousness and extent of the alleged abuse charges against Jane and Alan McGuire.

Yep, Syvret was indeed present and heard the watered-down, willfully deceptive oral report in 1999 and Senator Syvret has addressed the JEP’s “smoking gun” minutes.

From Senator Stuart Syvret Blog: Graham Jennings, then Chief Executive of H & SS, commissioned Dylan Southern to review the whole McGuire episode.

On 5th May 1999 – about two-and-a-half months after he received the Southern report – Jennings raised the McGuire episode with the then Health & Social Services Committee, of which I was a member. No decision by the Committee was required; we were merely asked to note that a disciplinary hearing had taken place, McGuire’s dismissal had been recommended, but she had resigned already instead.

Jennings’ ‘oral’ report went on to defend Anton Skinner; essentially claiming that ‘well – Skinner took the appropriate action back in 1990 – given the extent of his knowledge at that time. So no blame could be attached to him.’

But, the true chain of events – as revealed in the Southern Report – was profoundly disturbing and of far greater seriousness than that indicated in the ‘oral’ report to the Committee by Jennings.

The then Committee were not supplied with the Southern report. Indeed, the Committee was not even told of the existence of the Southern report.

The willful concealing of the Southern report from the Committee by Jennings was to mislead by omission.

Essentially, the Committee were led to believe that merely some minor issues concerning the McGuires’ conduct were known to Skinner back in 1990.

You can read all the gory details on the Senator’s blog, but it is clearly apparent that in 1999, no one was being given the full truth about the extent of abuse or who had full knowledge of it.

Remember, it was October of last year that Senator Syvret got his hands on the entire McGuire file!

So, JEP actually “shot themselves in the foot” when they tried to skewer Stuart Syvret. We all can pretty much surmise both Skinner and Jennings participated in complicit cover-up and concealment!

As each stone is turned over, who will slither out and what else will be exposed?