Thursday, May 1, 2008

Phil Spector Needs To Just Go Away

Remember way back when Spector and Robert Shapiro were friends? Then Spector dumped Shapiro as his attorney in the Lana Clarkson case and decided to sue him for the million-dollar fee? Remember that crazy-assed deposition from Spector’s civil suit against Shapiro? Then the suit was dropped?

Well, Spector is back to suing Shapiro again!

According to the StarTribune: Spector's on-again, off-again breach-of-contract lawsuit against his former lawyer Robert Shapiro appears to be back on after a judge ruled Wednesday the lawsuit can go forward.

Shapiro had filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing Spector took too long to file his complaint. But Superior Court Judge Edward A. Ferns found Spector had filed the lawsuit within time limits.

Spector, 68, dropped an earlier suit against Shapiro in December 2005 with the provision that he could file again later.

Spector should just go away - just saying…


Sprocket said...


I don't know whether to feel sorry for Robert Shapiro or not. Because of Mr. Shaprio, Spector has been free on bond for FIVE YEARS. Yep. That's right. Over five years ago Lana Clarkson was killed in Spector's home and he's still walking around a semi-free man with that ka-ching gold digging child trial bride glued to his arm.

Does Spector really think he is fooling anyone with the icky arm candy he's been passing off as a "loving wife?" GMAFB.

We will be watching how this case eventually pans out in the hopes that Spector loses where it hurts him most: his pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sproket N Donchais!

Well,,,,,,(I'm not holding my breath when I sigh?????????????)

I am so Ready to see this second trial get underway!,,,,,,,,Phil may have a "superficial wife (Humping on his leg) with the helicopters floating from above?????????????(The same Helicopters that probably hindered the "Hearing Sound test" that the jururs were trying to conduct from the fountain-to-the-door!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Shapiro has done a magnificent job for Spector,,,,,,,,,,(You are Right!) 5 Years later,,,,,,,,,,,,and Phil is not Happy?

Pulllllease! Phil better get ready for the REAL RUMBLE at hand Here! (And that is the next Trial,,,,,,,,with the Same Prosecutor,,,,,,Same Judge,,,,,,,,Same CRIME,,,,,,,,,,,and a better set of jurors (Hopefully NO ENGINEERS PLEASE! LOL!)

I really think Phil knows he is up against the wall this time,,,,,,,,(And I'm not talking about the "Wall of Sound") with very little room to squirm with!

He might as well keep trying to sue the best Attny he had,,,,,,,(Too Bad!),,,,,,,,,so he can just hand over the same amount over to his new Attny,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND Then SUM!!!!!

Can't wait till the Pre-Trial date: May 22nd to have Judge Fidler FINALLY set a date to get this matter to Trial & Finally get this Case Finished! (IMO)!

(I am going on Record to say that both Spector and OJ will have their cases begin in September!) Oj is already slated to go off Sept 8th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and Phil will be happening there after! (Mark my Words!)

It's kind of funny, that Judge Fidler said right after the mis-trial that it was anticipated that this Re-trial was supposed to of started in the Spring!

I think Phil has now realized that he has to finaly face the "MUSIC"!

AND it will be now in the FALL! SPECTOR'S FALL! :-) !


Sprocket said...

Hey Ziggy,

I didn't think of it until after I had already commented, but I wouldn't be surprised if Spector needs the funds to make a payment on Rachelle's "wife for hire CONTRACT." She probably needs a new pair of shoes.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Well Sprocket,,,,,,,,,!

That's a loaded Question!

(Some of that "Arm Candy" has already ruined the posibility to legitmatly have a "Clean pair of Shoes" (To Even Start With!),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Think about it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(A little bit of "Expensive sugur" has a way to get ANYTHING a little bit MORE Sticky! From the shoes all the way to the TOP! (IMO) :-)!

I have always said and always will say: This Sticky Situation that Phil got himself into,,,,,,,,,,,, has, will, and, seems to always keep himself into the "Sticky Web He Wove" ("Said the Slippery Spider to the SHOE on the FLY!!!!!!!!)

I just Pray that we will SEE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Justice and September,(IMO),it will BE!


Ms.KaylisGrammy said...

It is way past time for Spector to go away. I have faith that he will finally be found guilty and put behind bars where he belongs.

He should thank his lucky stars he had Shapiro when he did, because I don't think he would have been freed on bail without Shapiro.