Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spector Hearing 5/22/08

Ok, we have a trial date!!!

The trial is scheduled for September 29 and was set at 0 - 10.

There will be a final pre-trial hearing on July 29.

Sprocket will update as to the details; more to follow...

Sprocket here. I'll have a finished report up much later tonight. When Alan Jackson saw Ciaran, Steven and myself all sitting in the second row, and Rod Lindblom and the Clarkson family in the front row, he said, "It's like old home week!"

12:20 am I apologize that I was not able to get my story up this evening. RL got in the way, again. Our TV died yesterday and we had to go shopping for a new one. I'll try to get a rough draft up tomorrow morning. Night all!

p.s. Regarding that 0-10. Judge Fidler set that, and explained it to Weinberg. That's a firm trial date, and he agreed to it. The court has to arrange for jurors. Now, if something derails the trial within that 0-10 time frame, the jurors selected so far could be lost forever, and they would have to start again.

This is the most "firm" trial date we have had yet. There is still the check in pre-trial on July 29th, but that is just a formality requested by the people. I believe that Spector doesn't even have to appear at this hearing. (From my understanding.)

And yes, Spector was wearing an Obama button on his well as wearing EYELINER. Yep. Spector in makeup today. Maybe Phil thought he was channeling Peter Wentz.


Anonymous said...

what does 0-10 mean?
Thank you for the update

donchais said...

I believe Fidler is done letting them screw around. They have 10 days to derail the trial date, otherwise it goes forward.

There is a bunch of other news and Sprocket will fill ya in and correct me if I am mistaken. Looks to me we are moving forward!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait the titilating details.
Thx Sprock. I'll post on MBs site
too-her peeps want to know as well


Anonymous said...

No trial date is ever set in concrete, not even in Fudlers Court.

There are many more defense items moving forward...

Anonymous said...


I have been waiting for this announcement since the farce that was PS1 ended. It's high time he pays, he has been free long enough!

Anonymous said...

According to Linda Deutsch/AP
report Spector was wearing some
frock and big button saying "Obama Rocks."

Does Obama want THAT kind of support?

Anonymous said...

I heard Jackson say he's ready to throw in the towel because of public remarks made by people that are inconsistant with testimony as prosecutions witnesses at the first trial. Oh Oh!

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

I checked out

What's interesting is that any remnants of this woman having a "music" site have disappeared.

She emphatically starts out with "I love my husband!" and at the bottom it says "Almost five years, and going strong"

They have been 'married' for only one year, together for four (she says).

What does this tell us? She no longer has musical aspirations?
Or is just facing reality?
She comes across so defensive like she's justifying a nothing relationship.

Come on Rachelle, quit the act.
We all can see clear through it.

Sprocket said...

Anonymous at 5:08:

Are you sure that's not just your own wishful thinking Anon?

I've heard from credible sources that AJ has a photo of Lana Clarkson in his office. A constant reminder that she had not received justice. That doesn't sound to me like a prosecutor who has "thrown in the towel."

Anonymous said...

Hey John I just checked that out.
Pretty pathetic! Have you seen it, Sprocket?

Spector wearing eyeliner? I remember reading someone's post somewhere...they used to work at a music shop Spector elevated, PINK slippers. So, go figure.

Sprocket said...

John: What's to see about her web site? I see her in court. That's enough.

Anonymous said...

And how did she look? As ugly as ever?