Monday, May 12, 2008

JEP Finally Publishes Something Worthwhile

I don’t know folks; maybe we are getting through to them!

This was published today in the JEP:

Liberation speeches stir up a storm
By Carly Lockhart_
ISLANDERS were 'disgusted' and 'offended' by the speeches made by the Chief Minister and the Bailiff on Liberation Day, according to Deputy Gerard Baudains.
The St Clement Deputy said that his phone had not stopped ringing over the weekend with people calling to voice their anger and sadness at how Jersey's most important holiday had been 'hijacked' in order to blame the international media for embellishing the truth about the Haut de la Garenne abuse scandal.

Deputy Baudains said that many Islanders had called him in floods of tears while others had said that they were close to walking out of Liberation Square during the Bailiff's speech when he called for an end to the media's 'remorseless denigration of Jersey.'

All I can say is wowzers! We'll have to wait and see how long this lasts...


Anonymous said...

For the JEP this seems almost radical, but then the article you posted from the previous JEP issue spins the event's public reaction to the Walker speech as being one of "sustained applause." I would not get my hopes up for any real proper journalism from the RAG.

They will need their spinning wheels to work overtime now. For all their downplaying of the importance of a buried scull fragment, today's news brings word of more excavated bones and several more teeth, which have been preliminarily verified as having belonged to a small child, perhaps around the age of 5.

Oh, how Walker and Bailhache must be weeping with self pity. How tragic and unfair of the press to suspect anything suspicious about the dungeon finds!


Anonymous said...

I don't have the site up but the reports of new cellar finds, ie teeth and bones, are all over the mainland news and already reported on the BBC site.

Along similar lines, one of Jersey's most thoughtful and spiritual writers, who blogs about Haut de la Garenne and other issues under the name Tony the Professor, has posted an eloquently written parable about self rightousness among the political elite.

That is at:

ritanita said...

Wowzers! Donchais, you took that word right out of my mouth! We can only hope that more and more "locals" start putting on the pressure. I'd like to hope your coverage at Trials and Tribulations has helped to spread the word among the international media.

donchais said...


Yep, it does seem radical for JEP! I seriously doubt JEP even wanted to run that story, but felt they had to because it was already leaked to the press. BBC-UK had already run with the story.


If T&T, in some small way, helps to promote change in Jersey, the effort is worth it!