Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Neil Entwistle Murder Trial: There will be live coverage!

Neil Entwistle, date unknown

The Boston is reporting that TruTv will have live coverage every day of the Neil Entwistle trial, scheduled to start on June 2nd, 2008 in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, Massachusetts. This will be a media circus not only for the court in Woburn but also for the town of Hopkinton, where Entwistle is charged with murdering his wife Rachael, and their nine-month-old daughter Lillian on January 20th, 2006. Rachael was cradling Lillian in her arms, when they were found in the master bedroom. The case is reminiscent of Woody Allen's 2005 movie, Match Point, in that Entwistle used his father-in-law's gun, a 22 caliber pistol and returned it to the in-law's residence after the murders.

T&T and our trial watching friends will try to cover as much of the Entwistle case as we possibly can. We are hoping that CNN will have online live streaming, (but we're not holding our breath) as well as many other news outlets that are vying for the coverage. Those include the BBC, NBC Dateline, Sky TV and ABC's 20/20. We're not certain, but we believe Entwistle maintains dual citizenship for the US and Great Britain. The international attention being paid to this case is similar to the 1997 second degree murder trial of Louise Woodward for the shaking death of 8-month-old Matthew Eapton.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sprocket and Donchais!

I have searched high and low to get a possible link for "Live" uninterupted court coverage on this Trial!

I know Tru-TV "In Sesions" will cover the trial gavel to gavel (But as we know it will be a very intermitent coverage with all of their interupting commercials!

I did find a "Brit" TV station and some local TV sites that (MAY?) cover this one,,,,,,,,,,,,,but (No Guarentee) with these links,,,,,,however I will share you what I have!

I hope to say (MAYBY) one of these MAY cover this trial,,,,,,,,,,,at least will do daily updates!

Looks like for now we will be stuck with Tru-TV to cover this one,,,,,,,,,CNN/ will probably most likely cover what Tru-TV covers (Hopefully!)

More to come later!

Keep up your GREAT work with "Trials and Tribulations" Appreciate all your GREAT articles!

Ziggy! :-) !

Anonymous said...

As of Thursday,,,,,,,,,6/5/08,,,,They have a jury selected,,,,,,,8 men and 8 woman,,,,,,,,,,will find out tommorrow exactly who is going to cover this one!,,,,,,,,( The Trial begins Friday,,,Tommorrow!!!!!,,,,,,,,,I know the "Brits" have found GREAT interest with this trial as well as alot of other possible USA TV coverage with this one!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The TV Crews have filled the "Media" parking lot with lots of equiptment to send "Live Streams" out from court side!

I will keep you abreast with any other "Possible" Feed Links that I just know,,,,,, will be available to view this trial Live with!

I'll Check back! (Till then,,,,,,,,,,,,Peace out!) ,,,,,,,:-)!


Sprocket said...

Hi Ziggy, nice to see you!

Finally! A trial that we can sink our teeth into. Some of the T&T trial watching gang won't be able to cover this 24/7 (like myself; I'm currently helping Mr. Sprocket with a project and the end date is unknown) but we will try to provide some interesting commentary.

Unknown said...

Live streaming coverage on CNN and here: