Saturday, May 31, 2008

Neil Entwistle, Steve Huff & The Metrowest Daily News

Steve Huff, best known for his blog The True Crime Weblog, is listed as an expert (along with the well known Wendy Murphy) on The Metrowest Daily News's new website, Neil Entwistle Murder Trial, that will cover the case.

Steve reported on this case from the very beginning and writes:
I wasn't quite sure at the time, but I knew that the murders of Rachel and Lillian were definitely not an everyday tragedy. In part, this story was different because it reached across the Atlantic and drew the interest of the British press. When Neil Entwistle was huddled in his parents' Worksop home in the UK, I received an early-morning phone call from journalist Ross Slater, who was then on the scene. I had the odd experience of being bleary-eyed and barely awake in Roswell, GA as Slater recounted what had just happened just after lunchtime there in England.
I ended up writing only two articles about the case for the Crime Library (that I can recall), but they were fairly thorough and not just re-writes of my blog posts:
"Neil Entwistle Taken to Embassy for Questioning."
"Neil Entwistle No Stranger to Sex and the Web."
In the end, my blog posts tracking Entwistle's strange machinations online as he attempted to make money for nothing were probably some of the most intense work I've ever done as a blogger, and representative of some of the best instances I can recall where I felt I was working hand-in-hand with blog readers to figure things out. I can't help but wonder how much of the accused murderer's online life will end up being used in the trial.
With Steve involved in this new web site's coverage, you know it's going to be good! I admire all that Steve has accomplished with his online blogging and am very happy for him that his hard work efforts have paid off with this high profile gig. Congratulations Steve! You deserve it!