Friday, November 7, 2008

Casey Anthony Lies and Lies Some More, Thousands to Join Massive Search Tomorrow, Will Cindy and Jose Baez Get a Gag?

More documents were released yesterday in the Casey Anthony case. Among the items which stood out was a report from DCF about a home visit made on August 25. In the 90 minute interview, Casey had some extraordinary things to say. After telling her mother to stop butting in, she stated that:

Zenaida Gonzalez was her babysitter since both her parents worked and she was a seasonal worker at Universal Studios in the event department. Casey offered to find her pay stubs to prove this.

Caylee's father was a guy named Eric. She stated that she had gone to school with him since middle school. She stated that Eric had moved to Kentucky and had set up a trust fund for Caylee prior to his death in a car accident.

Unbelievable! Casey was so aware at this point that she had admitted that she had NOT worked at Universal. She had told various people different stories about Caylee's father, here is yet another one! I wonder what happened to that trust fund?

To understand Casey's penchant for pathological lying, we can take a look at it from her father's perspective. In his interview of July 24, George Anthony explains about his daughter.

Now, my, my daughter lives on the edge. You know that from all the, the lie, the lies. All the contradictions. And like my daughter takes things as far as she can take them. and then she piles on some other stuff.

George knows his daughter very well. He talks about chasing down Ryan, a supposed co-worker at The Sports Authority to find out if Casey really worked there. He tries to explain that Casey seemed to have deposited money in her mother's bank account. He explains how she lies to her friends and family.

Here is a father truly on the edge himself. He comes to the police station without telling his son Lee. He tells the facts as he sees them. His police background makes him search for the truth while his paternal instincts want to not believe that his granddaughter is gone. He tells the police his daughter lies and lies on top of her lies.

As for Casey, it is amazing to observe her lack of emotion when talking about "that child," her own missing daughter. She lies and leads the police on wild goose chases and then tells the same lies and some more lies to DCF workers, well knowing that they already know about these lies. All her lies are going to put her in jail for a very long time, possible far longer than if she had called 911 when her daughter died. Indeed, if, as the recent defense documents state, "it was almost certainly a tragic accident,” there may have been no jail time at all.

Thousands expected to search for Caylee Anthony this weekend

Thousands of people are expected to volunteer this weekend with Texas EquuSearch as the organization resumes its ground search for Caylee Marie Anthony.

Our thoughts and prayers should be aimed at the wonderful TES volunteers who will be out searching for Caylee and Jennifer Kesse, who has been missing since January, 2006. The work they do is exhausting and dangerous. They are all to be commended for their dedication to these cases.

Texas Equusearch will post frequent updates about the search here.

State's Attorney Asks for Gag Order

Prosecutors in the case against Casey filed a motion to "shut up" Jose Baez and the Anthony family (read motion). The state attorney is asking for a gag order on several key players in the case, saying that attorney Jose Baez has "succumbed to the lure of the national spotlight" and frequently expresses his opinion about the case. They also accuse the Anthony family of turning every opportunity to talk about Caylee into an attack on the prosecution.

It's about time! While the motion will gag both the prosecution and the defense, it's very clear that the motion, which will be heard Monday along with motions by Baez for discovery, is mainly aimed at Cindy Anthony and Jose Baez. The two have created a total media circus which has actually hurt Casey more than helped her. Certainly, the 30 page memo leaked to the press by attorney Terrence Lenamon didn't help Casey at all. It showed the dissention in the ranks of Casey's team and heaped a ton of negative commentary all around the Internet and in the press.

With the trial approaching, it would be better to have a period of blessed silence.

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shari said...

ya gotta feel for George Anthony caught between a daughter like Casey and a wife like Cindy. I am surprised he is still hangin' in there. The brother certainly hightailed it out of the spotlight though. Cindy keeps foulmouthing everyone. How'd ya like to have old Cindy as your nurse?? Nurse Ratched!!!

Anonymous said...

It is one of those things that we will never ever understand: How a mother could commit murder and live with herself afterward... and how the mother of said person can cover for the daughter. I personally feel there is no excuse. Casey is capable of taking her pleasure wherever she can get it at the expense of whoever gets in the way. Its hard for a parent to live with this. Even Ted Bundy's mother had to deal with this reality. Up until Ted Bundy told his mother the truth she believed he was completely innocent. I've always believed the Bundy's after his confession should have insisted their property be searched ... just to make amends for what he did. But one can never truly put being a parent behind one. Well, Casey did but she is a sociopath.

Jan said...

If we were to assume that everything that Casey says is true then she should not have a problem taking sodium pentathol in fact under theese circumstances I think a Judge should be able to ORDER that it be done. I think thats the ONLY way we will ever be able to lay Caylee to rest cause I dont think she will ever tell and as far as the family goes I think they all know what happened to Caylee and where is Lee hiding