Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do Casey Anthony’s Lawyers Know She Killed Caylee

Casey was a no-show at yesterday’s hearing – no big surprise there!

The state went on record announcing they have yet to decide whether or not to seek the death penalty in the murder case.

The judge granted a motion by the defense to delay Casey Anthony's theft case. According to Baez, the theft case could be moot is Casey is found guilty in the murder trial!

Now, this falls into the OMG category!

As late as yesterday, no way Jose Baez was on camera claiming little Caylee is alive.

Baez interview

According to WFTV: the defense sent 30 pages of documents to prosecutors. In those documents, Casey’s lawyers argued that if Caylee is dead, “it was almost certainly a tragic accident.” The documents also said Caylee could’ve been poisoned by Chloroform or she could have died while she was sedated. They said the cause of death could have been an unwitting overdose of a sedative.

The defense documents went on to describe Casey as troubled, possibly depressed. They said her behavior had been erratic ever since Caylee’s birth and particularly in the months before the little girl’s disappearance. The documents also said Casey’s lack of emotion after Caylee’s disappearance is proof that Casey is not normal and could possibly be suffering from mental or emotional stress.


So, the defense’s argument is because Casey is “young” and “never been in trouble” before, the death penalty shouldn’t even be considered! Or, have they already decided to run with an insanity defense? Oh yeah, nowhere in the document is the phantom nanny mentioned!

Was the leak of this document sheer stupidity or a planned strategic move? The prosecution, as mentioned above, hasn’t even decided if they would seek the death penalty!

Just askin…

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Anonymous said...

The "if she did it" scenario sounds like OJ. Her attorneys are correct: Casey's not normal. She's mentally ill. But so what? Mental illness does make one legally insane. Her attorney are doing what they can to get her out of the death penalty, which is their job but they need to try and convince Casey to take some responsibility for her actions. She has a chance to do speak up and do the right thing, Even that horrible Susan Smith didn't keep up the pretense. In the meantime, I hope TES can find the little darlin's remains.

CaliGirl9 said...

Okay let me get this straight … Caylee may have been “accidentally” overdosed on chloroform?

Yeah, right. Like it’s normal for the parent(s) of a young child to keep a bottle of chloroform around in the household drug cabinet “just in case” there is a need for sedation. Like when mom wants to go out partying ad drinking with her homegirls!

Have a bottle of chloroform right next to the children’s Motrin, Tylenol and Flintstones vitamins! It’s the newest and best parenting tip in years!

Chloroform is the new Dimetapp! Thanks Casey!

ritanita said...

I thought of OJ too when I read about the report. If she did it it was a tragic mistake by a mentally unbalanced mom.

Fact is, if you subtract that she had a child, was a thief and unmitigated liar, her behavior was no different than many other young 20-somethings. She wasn't imbalanced, she was going through a phase many others go through. Casey just had a lot of baggage the others didn't.

Anonymous said...

One of the talking heads on Nancy Grace thought it was the new attorney trying to inject some sanity into this defense team. I agree Biaz is 1) inexperienced and 2) smitten.....why else can't he keep his hands off of Casey? I plea is her best hope and this is the opening shot.


shari said...

Legal definition of insanity is NOT knowing right from wrong....if you hide a body, don't call 911, don't report the child missing, check websites for chloroform info BEFORE the child is missing, and also check websites having to do with missing children before the child is missing....looks like you know exactly what you are doing. She may be pathologically disturbed, but she definitely knows right from wrong or she would never have done any of the above things. Sociopathy is a personality disorder, not a mental illness. Just means they have no empathy for anyone else but themselves and will do whatever it takes to protect their own skin. The lawyers here are in way over their heads. Apparently Casey told Baez she had $5000 saved and would give it to him as his retainer, and the fool believed her. LOL

Anonymous said...

Quote"Casey was a no-show at yesterday’s hearing – no big surprise there!"End Quote

She didnt have to be there. Shes currently incarcerated. If she was rquired to attend, they would have escorted here there.

I recently listened to the audio tapes of her interview with Police including the one that was made at Universal. She is a pathetic liar. She is a sorry excuse for a mother. She deserves everything she is about to get (including the death penatly). Actually, killing her by lethal injection is too humane for what REALLY needs to happen to her! I get nauseous every time I even think about what she could have done to that poor little precious beautiful girl.