Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Markers & Goals, II

Just a few moments ago, T&T surpassed 400,000 page loads and over 288,000 unique visitors. We think that's pretty good for only being on the Internet since early June, 2007. Thank you everyone for continuing to stop by.

Sprocket, donchais, ritanita


Unknown said...

Just found your blog last night. I am going to read through it because I am sort of a crime junkie, too. Oh, I like the phrase "crime junkie." I've been at a loss when trying to quickly and nicely describe my "interest" in crimes, forensics, and all of the realted real life stories (not CSI) to someone you just met. I am a divorce and family law attorney in South Florida but I don't do criminal case other than domestic violence.

Again, nice blog and I'll stop by again.

Donna Goldman

Damsel said...

Congratulations to you all!! Job well done. :-)