Monday, November 10, 2008

Ricardo (Rick) R. Ocampo & Karla D. Kerlin Appointed to Los Angeles Superior Court

Governor Arnold appoints 17 to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, including Rick Ocampo and Karla Kerlin, who will take the bench November 14th, 2008.

I've seen Rick Ocampo in Judge Fidler's courtroom many times, sitting in the back observing, conferring with AJ or Pat Dixon, as well as present arguments before Judge Van Siklen in the Kazuyoshi Miura matter.

I remember one time during the first Spector trial, where an adorable young girl was seated in the back and all the accredited press wondered who she was. If I am remembering correctly, it was Ocampo's daughter. Recently, during one of the many pretrial hearings for Spector round 2, Mr. Ocampo was in the gallery and took the time to introduce himself to me.

It was a similar type of appointment of Doug Sortino to the bench that delayed the Spector trial back in 2005 and a new Deputy DA was apppointed to try the case: Alan Jackson.

I saw Karla Kerlin take the stand in the first Anthony Pellicano trial, testifying for the prosecution. Years ago, Ms. Kerlin was working in the DA's sex crimes division and Pellicano was the defense detective for a case she was prosecuting. At the time, Pellicano tried to investigate and intimidate her. I was impressed with her testimony on the stand and how well she stood her ground on cross examination.

T&T congratulates Rick Ocampo and Karla Kerlin's appointments to the LA County Court!

I just found out that Karla Kerlin will be sworn in November 24th and Rick Ocampo will be sworn in November 14th.