Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lenny Harper and Graham Power Smack Down Frank Walker and Jersey Police

After the startling u-turn by police in Jersey, Lenny and Graham strongly deny any wrongdoing in the Haut de la Garenne investigation. Yesterday, Walker suspended Graham, Jersey Police Chief.

Video of Walker and Power’s statements

Stuart Syvert said: I’m extremely pleased to see that Graham Power had the integrity to turn down the Jersey oligarchy’s nice and easy “offer” of “early retirement” – and has instead taken the suspension from his post – and will fight all allegations against him.

Harper says Walker repeatedly tried to keep the investigation under wraps, hoping the scandal would just go away.

According to the Telegraph, Harper said: "This is the same Chief Minister who right at the outset tried to intimidate Graham Power and I into not talking to the media and trying to keep this under cover," Mr Harper told BBC Radio Four.

"Who then came to the Haut de la Garenne site with this wife a few months back and, when I explained to him then that we might probably never be able to mount a homicide investigation, put his hand to my shoulder and said 'well that will not be a bad outcome and I am sure you will do what you have to do'."

He added: "One just has to look at the suspension of Graham Power, he has fought a three-year battle to stop the day-to-day interference in the running of the police service and has been under extreme pressure as a result of that."

Harper also said that Warcup’s comments came at an opportune time as the report by the Howard League is to be released tomorrow. It is believed the report contains damning information about the States and Jersey policy.

If Walker and Warcup ignorantly thought their outrageous pressers would make the scandal go away, they were seriously mistaken. The international media is in a frenzy over this.

So much for trying to polish up Jersey’s tarnished reputation, Mr. Walker and Mr. Warcup - job well done!

Senator Stuart Syvret


Anonymous said...

Oh, please do not let up on this story. There is no other power of free speech like that openly expressed on the internet, because there is nothing Frank Walker can do to stop it.